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The Isle of Kasau

The Isle of Kasau is a large island on the Antiliian plane.

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The Isle of Kasau is part of an archipelago chain southeast of  Antilia's Lantros Peninsula. Along with South Vausuvii Isle, it is the only location currently accessible to alpha testers. The Isle's topography is quite diverse, with the "dead" volcano, Mount Gajoi, being a dominant landmark.

Scattered throughout the isle and placed at key locations, are Takadynn - magical teleportation devices tied to a central tower at the peak of Mt. Gajoi.

Map of the Isle of Kasau. (Antilia Version 0.11.1)

History of the Isle of Kasau

The Taipii sailed past the Isle of Kasau during the Orliian Exodus, however, the gods advised against settling there. This was partly due to the small size of the isle and partly due to the presence of a miiraun dampening field, which the gods described as "something feels wrong here".

A group of explorers crashed on the rocky insides of Mount Gajoi's crater in a venture known as the  Kasau Expedition. Unbeknownst to them at the time, Tasiiama Seafarers had already visited the island, but were not present when the explorers first arrived.

(Event: The Iichii King)

(Event: The Unknown Entities and visit by Felo Goddess Machiiara da'Orliia.)

(Event: The Daura au'lii and their interest in a ruin located near the Two Pools Camp. Establishment of the mages on the Isle of Mist.)

(Event: Takadynn Tower connection established to Lantros)

(Event: Tasii Garden founded as a Taipii Village)

(Event: Safe harbor established for ship traffic in Gajoi's Claw)

(Event: Maulei Beach founded as a Taipii Village)

Regions and Places of Interest

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In the central Eastern region of the Isle of Kasau lies the freshwater lake, Solau. On the northern coast of the lake sits the  Tasii Garden, as well as the Historic Taipii Base Camp where Taipii explorers first settled.

To the south of the lake lies the Southern Grasslands, a vast plain that is the primary location for the Domynii Cactus, the fruit of which is quite tasty to a traveling Taipii needing a quick energy boost. Further southwest lies Moivalau Forest (Mushroom Forest), a place where giant fungi grow in abundance. Moivalau Forest is the source for the Fire Makachii mushrooms commonly used in food eaten by the stranded Taipii explorers.

To the west of Moivalau Forest lies the Maulei Beach, a good spot for saltwater fishing. Several tents have been erected, with a few spots for more. Up until the event that transpired on Kasau, Chaliima offered to teach basic fire magic and the Spicy Eel Porridge recipe along with selling fire crystals; however she, like Padailau, is no longer present, as she returned back to the Sans au'Sul school of magic with her teacher Gariisu. A functional teleporter to South Vausuvii isle can still be found in Chaliima's tent, the testament to a failed attempt by Chaliima to teleport the stranded Taipii back to Lantros. Kiicha sells a variety of clothing along with jewelry and lantern staves. Finally Fouwynn, who stands off in the water fishing, teaches the third fishing skill, provided the correct fishing rod is in hand.

South of Moivalau Forest is a mountainous area separated in middle by Kula Valley, and Kula Valley Lake, which is the only source of freshwater on that portion of the isle. The South Peak lies just to the east of Kula Valley while the Kula Peak lies to the west.

East of the Southern Grasslands lies Saimalyn's Peak and Saimalyn Beach on the southeast side of Kasau. While not much is currently found here, it's another decent location for saltwater fishing.

North-west of the Base Camp is a road leading to a small mining camp where an ore smelter and the entrance to the local portion of The Deep cavern system dubbed "Two Pools Cave" is located. Poujo the miner offers training in mining and smelting, and sells many different metal ingots. A vein of copper ore is also present.

The gigantic cavern system known as "The Deep" stretches beneath the entire planet of Forra. For whatever reason, the Kasau section of The Deep is at least one portion currently separated from the main system. This isolated section of The Deep is host to many hostile Iichii, a variety of Koura (insects) that can swarm an unsuspecting victim, so travel in groups is advised. A King Iichii (or two) makes its nest in the farthest reaches of this section of the cavern system. Roughly in the center of the Kasau portion is a large space with two pools (hence the name given to the cave by the stranded Taipii), and a mining camp above. Medai, the only monohorn on the isle see Koro bloodline in sociology lore section, teaches life magic and sells green magical crystals. Currently unknown to the Taipii, The Deep is also the home to the second current race on Forra - The Reisuii.

North of Mt. Gajoi lies the Tangled Lands, a large marsh with many reddish mangrove-like Faykala trees. For whatever reason, the hostile iichii have found this place to be ideal grounds, so large numbers of iichii can be seen here at all times of the day. Caution is recommended to travelers within the Tangled Lands.

North of the Base Camp lies the Northern Grasslands, and a road leading to the Siiryn Forest lumber camp. Mausaiva of the Tasiiama teaches lumberjacking skills here and offers up the spare axe near his location for use by those who which to learn his trade. Siiryn Forest itself stretches quite far to the north and north-west portions of the Isle of Kasau ending at the base of the Northern Mountains where the large Siiryn Lake, and some ancient ruins to the north-west of the lake are located.

A stretch of beach on the northeast side of the Isle of Kasau and east of the Northern Grasslands has been given the name the "Orliia Beach" by the stranded Taipii, presumably due to it's facing the general direction of the Taipii's ancient home and place of origin.

Taipii Presence on the Isle of Kasau

Significant Characters

Years after the original expedition ended and travel between Antilia and Kasau became regular many of the explorers settled on the island and built permanent homes.

Sakii Presence on the Isle of Kasau

(Active Sakii Garden on the side of Mt. Gajoi and it's floating islands)

Reisuii Presence on the Isle of Kasau

(Reisuii mining outpost in  The Deep below Mt. Gajoi)

Regions and Points of Interest