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Sentient Races

A list of sentient races on Forra.

Player Races

The Hsakanadrynn (Sakii)

The Hsakanadrynn or Sakii for short are long-lived dragons that are masters of the dream realm.

The Reisuii

The Reisuii are an industrious race who lives underground. Reisuii society is a functional dystopia of industry, cut-throat corporations, and steampunk-themed technology. The Reisuii are build basic steam machines and a few have mastered the use of Ether magic.

The Taipii

The Taipii seek peace and enjoyment on Forra, and have developed a rich culture through their creativity and ability to adapt. The Taipii are builders of wondrous cities, artists and crafters of beautiful works, chefs of delicious food, and performers of amazing feats of grace and acrobatics. With the discovery of powerful magic-bearing crystals, the Taipii have integrated magic into nearly every art, craft, and profession.

Additional Races

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