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The Felo

The Felo bloodline is marked by individuals that are capable, quick-witted, but also a bit solitary. The Felo god-pair value individuality and independence, which they pursue through more subtle means than most gods. Felo is a well-rounded bloodline, and while proud and capable, Felos don't tend to handle tasks well if they require teamwork.

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Drawn to the  magical arts more than the rest of the Taipii bloodlines, many Felo become members of the Daura au'Lii, which are students of magic at The Sans au'Sul school of magic in the city of Chalei. It is due to this attraction to magic that the Felo god-pair chose to settle in Chalei.

During The Orliian Exodus many Felo and their gods stood on the front lines, engaged in the fight against The Chatoi, and in doing so, slowed down their advance long enough so that the rest of the Taipii race could evacuate Orliia in time.

Felo God and Goddess