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Taipii Weavers Guild

The Weavers Guild teaches members how to spin thread, weave fabrics, and soften chitin for forming. The weavers guild also creates clothing, sails, ropes, and nets.

Warning:The information I'm adding right now is very work-in-progress - I am just starting to brainstorm this guild.

Origin and History

Guild Roles

  • Spinners - New members to the guild often start as spinners, who spin various fibers into thread or yarn.
  • Weavers - Use looms to create fabric from thread or yarn.
  • Designer - The guilds likely have (insufferable) "fashion designers" that are always looking for inspiration and rarely actually do anything.
  • Seamster/seamstress - Role that produces clothing from fabric.
  • Headgear - A role that specializes in hats, wigs, and headgear.
  • Cobbler or Chitin Specialist - Some clothing guilds may make use of chitin in it's hard or softened (leather-like) forms. Taipii generally don't wear boots/shoes, but so long as there is an equipment slot for it we might consider some footgear. (I think shoes for walking on sand or across the mudpits of Alenfay have been established previously.)
  • Mechanist - The mechanists build and maintain primitive machines such as looms and spinning wheels. There is a schism in the guild with most mechanists regarding the weaver's guild as too narrow in scope for their talents. Many mechanists are talking about starting a new guild in which they could build a wider array of machines (including more sophisticated mills, primitive "printing" machines, and keyed harps). Some Mechanists are encouraging their ranks to study with the Reisuii and visit Reisuii factories.

Guild Chapter Halls

Info:The Weavers Guild of each region will play a significant role in the fashion of each region.


Info:Clothing guild may have started here or a precursor to it.
Info:Older lore describes the region to include abundant spider silk and local farms can grow a hardier "tent cotton". Blends of these two fibers are common.
Info:The wet and windy climate of Lantros prompted the invention of hooded cloaks, which are still popular in the wet seasons. Lantros clothing tends to be practical and traditional, with less little emphasis on styles and fashion
Info:In addition to clothes this chapter also specializes in the production of tents and rope.


Info:Lynnar style clothing styles favor pants (often with a teifo worn over them to serve as a decorative belt), shirts, vests, and coats in the winter.


Info:Chalei styles tend to be simple and elegant. Clothing tends to be light and breezy, so as not to overheat the wearer in the desert heat. A light scarf is commonly worn around the neck for protection against the frequent sandstorms.


To-Do:Brainstorm Alenfay's weather/condition and thus clothing needs. Alenfay has a lot of wetlands and terraces, with gatherers frequently venturing into the jungle to the south.

Ariiel Weavers Guild

Info:Ariiel styles tend to be colorful, expressive, and experimental. Designs tend to be light and minimal in coverage to keep the wearer cool. Decorative headdresses and jewelry are popular.
Info:The Ariiel chapter of the Weavers guild is a bit unusual as the Vulan Palace provides a significant portion of the guild's business.


Info:In addition to clothes this chapter also specializes in the production of rope and sails.

Isle of Kasau

Info:The creatures like the nearby iichii provide abundant chitin. Cloth is likely primarily imported to the island, with very little spinning and weaving done locally.