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Taipii Merchants Guild

The Taipii Merchants guild specializes in trade and maintaining trade routes between Taipii cities and villages. The guild spends a lot of energy tracking and communicating the supply and demand of Taipii goods across Forra

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The Taipii Merchants Guild provides services related to the selling and transport of goods.


The Merchants Guild provides several services, many available to the public or Taipii businesses.

Shipping and Logistics

The merchants guild can ship items from any of its local distribution halls to nearly any structure on the  Antilian Plane, for a fee.

Trade Metrics

Each of the Merchants Guild halls makes and receives frequent reports on trade volume and prices for goods across all of Antilia. If you need to know the price of wood in a distant Taipii city before shipping, a bulletin boards at the nearest merchants guild can provide that information.

Guild Rewards and Fees

The Merchants Guild has negotiated contracts with several of the Taipii guilds such that engaging in trade with a guild merchant will automatically include guild fees and rewards for members of said guild. For example, the  Taipii Fishing Guild rewards points for each fish sold through the fishing or merchant guilds.


The Merchants Guild owns storage warehouses in many Taipii villages. These warehouses are used to improve delivery speed and provide a year-round supply of seasonal goods.

Open Markets

The Merchants Guild provides an open market square in many towns and villages for locals to use for trade.

Road and Port Construction

As the Merchants Guild prides itself on being ready to deliver any good to any place (with the right fee), they have taken it upon themselves to build roads and ports to expand their reach. This infrastructure is typically built in cooperation with local government.


The merchants guild is very proactive in expanding and maintaining its trade and economic partnerships.

The Reisuii

Following the lead of the Vulan gods, the Merchants Guild has established a trade relation with the  Reisuii. Through this relationship the Taipii export a variety of raw materials and resources, and a small selection of Taipii-crafted items. The Taipii also import some resources from the Reisuii which they cannot produce themselves including explosives, muskets, and advanced tools. This relationship also allows shipping of items between the two races.