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Taipii Bloodlines

The Taipii race has five different bloodlines, each with unique traits and appearance. As the Taipii are technically a single race, it is possible for these bloodlines to mingle which offers for a wide array of variations in appearance.

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The Felo

The Felo bloodline is marked by individuals that are capable, quick-witted, but also a bit solitary. The Felo god-pair value individuality and independence, which they pursue through more subtle means than most gods. Felo is a well-rounded bloodline, and while proud and capable, Felos don't tend to handle tasks well if they require teamwork.

The Kisan

The Kisan have physical features resembling Kangaroos. Kisans tend to have a no-nonsense, get tasks done attitude.

The Koro

The Koro bloodline is recognized by deer-like features. Those with Koro blood tend toward being level-headed, agile, and graceful.

The Lupan

The Lupan have features resembling wolves, and are generally recognized for their strength, strong teamwork, and communication.

The Vulan

The Vulan can be recognized by their fox-like appearance. Vulan blood is associated with cleverness, playfulness, and beauty.