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Wei Garden

Wei Garden is small Taipii village on the Isle of Kasau.

Wei Garden Region

Located On  The Isle of Kasau
Region Type Village
Inhabitants  Taipii

Wei Garden is a small village on Eastern side of the  Isle of Kasau. Wei Garden is just south of  Tasii Garden, on the edge of Solau Lake.




There is a Takadynn in Wei Garden at the center of the village on the small island known as the Eye of Wei.

Jidou Stables

The Jidou Stables at Wei Garden offer Jidou to ride across the Isle of Kasau for a small fee. While not a guild hall, the stables provide some additional services to members of the  Taiii Wranglers Guild.

Small Dock

There is a small dock south of the Eye of Wei suitable for small river and lake craft. The dock is primarily used for fishing and on occasion transport between Tasii and Wei Garden. Large ships cannot enter Solau Lake from the sea due to the rocky shallows surrounding The Isle of Kasau. Nearly all sea traffic to the The Isle of Kasau uses the safer harbor in Gajoi's Claw.




Wei Green

Wei Garden is home to the Wei Green, a grassy field used for sporting and community events.


  • Josiima's Potion Shop - Offers potions, alchemy supplies, and ingredients.


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