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Koro Goddess Rakiiso da'Orliia

Rakiiso is the Koro Goddess. She is a student of archeology and frequently travels the world with the Tasiiama tribes for an opportunity to find new archeological sites to explore.

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Rakiiso da'Orliia studies ancient languages and seeks to understand and translate the wisdom and knowledge left on Forra from previous civilizations. She frequently travels with Zoukajynn’s Tasiiama tribes as an opportunity to discover ruins in the remote wildernesses of Antilia, but also owns a manor in which she organizes her discovered books and relics.

Positive Traits: Studious, Adventurous, Curious, Determined
Negative Traits: Absent-minded
Physical Description:Female Koro (deer-like).
Clothing: TBD, Generally purple clothing
Arms: TBD

Rakiiso design in her formal attire

Rakiiso design in casual attire