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Koro God Zoukajynn da'Orliia

Zoukajynn is the Koro God. Worried that the Taipii would become overly reliant on the magics and join the lost races, Zoukajynn established the Tasiiama. He has shunned his magical abilities and established the rules of the tribes as a means to protect the original Taipii culture.

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Upon becoming a god and learning more about the fates of other civilizations on the planet of Forra, Zoukajynn proposes and implements the Tasiiama tribes - which maintain the original nomadic culture of the Taipii and banish the use of magics. Although Zoukajynn is a god and has remarkable magical powers, he goes to great lengths to avoid using magic, reserving it’s use to only when absolutely necessary.

Zoukajynn believes the Tasiiama serve an important duty in keeping the Taipii “grounded” to the physical reality. Zoukajynn encourages all Taipii to join the Tasiiama for frequent “returns” to the nomadic culture in an effort to prevent the Taipii from becoming “Lost” through the overuse and seemingly unavoidable dependency on magic.

Positive Traits: Genuine, Honest, Cautious, Patient
Negative Traits: A little too patient at times.
Physical Description:Male Koro (deer-like). Brown and tan fur with 4-point antlers.
Clothing: Throughout Zoukajynn’s journey he prefers to wear the simple clothing of the Nomadic Taipii. Pants, a decorative teifo (loincloth worn over another garment), and a shirt or vest.
Arms: As a Tasiiama tribe leader, Zoukajynn is typically either unarmed, or armed with a short bow or ceremonial spear.

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