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Neitaku Tribe

The Neitaku are a tribe of Tasiiama who have made their home the Isle of Kasau. The tribe migrates along the Eastern coast of the Isle of Kasau.

Neitaku Tribe

Tribe StructureTraditional
Tribe Leader Deisa au'Neitaku
Region  Isle of Kasau

Migration Path

Spring Jidou Grazelands, Isle of Kasau
GrowingBurning Sands, Isle of Kasau
Summer Moivalau Forest, Isle of Kasau
HarvestBlue Coast, Isle of Kasau
Autumn Blue Coast, Isle of Kasau
Winter Blue Coast, Isle of Kasau


The Neitaku tribe did not record the year when they moved to the Isle of Kasau, but will confirm that several generations of their people have been born and died on the island. While the Taipii gods had instructed the Taipii to stay away from the Isle of Kasau, they mostly ignored the Tasiiama presence on the island. This is likely because the Tasiiama already forbid themselves from using or touching magical devices, so the risk they posed was minimal.

During The Kasau Expedition

When the explorers of the  Kasau Expedition landed on the Isle of Kasau hunters of the Neitaku tribe were in the Tangled Lands and observed the Wauv Doisor shipwreck. At the time the tribe chose to remain hidden from the explorers, but some stories suggest the Neitaku watched the explorers and intervened on behalf of the explorers on more than one occasion. When the Unknown Entities appeared on the island a few of the Neitaku tribe fled the island via boat or joined the Moun Lakii Seafarers who also frequently visited the island.

Special Customs

Hunts in the Tangled Lands

The hunters of the Neitaku tribe are particularly fond of hunting the creatures of the tangled lands. Although the full tribe never migrates into the swampy forest, Neitaku hunting parties will often set up a temporary camp in the northern side of the swamp from which they organize their hunts.

Iichii Hunts with the Moun Lakii Seafarers

Each year in the winter the Moun Lakii Seafarers return to the Blue Coast to join the Neitaku tribe for a season of hunting iichii in the Tangled Lands. Each season a variety of competitive and cooperative games are arranged hunting and fishing wildlife in the Tangled Lands.

The Iichii hunts peak at the end of winter when the winds change again and the Neitaku hold a migration festival before heading south to the Jidou Grazelands while the Moun Lakii enjoy the Blue Coast for a couple seasons on their own.

Mushroom Season


Annual Migration Path

The Neitaku tribe generally spends the warmer months on the southern side of the island, returning to the more comfortable blue coast for the colder, wetter time of year.

Tribe Members

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