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Taipii Fishing Guild

The Fishing guild (or Fishers Guild) share knowledge about catching fish and organize fishing expeditions


The Fishing Guild was established in the city of Lynnar shortly after the  Taipii Council was formed and chairs on the new council were offered to the Taipii guilds. Taipii fishers were in competition with each other at the time and few were interested in establishing a guild, but talk of new laws limiting fishing in Lynnar waterways and the prospect of having a stronger political voice won over a handful of fishers and the guild was formed.

In its early years the guild went through frequent leadership changes as the small and skeptical membership found limited reason to participate in the guild. In it's fourth year the guild adopted a "no membership fee, optional duty" policy which helped calm members threatening to leave the guild over its original schedule of fees and member dues. This change resulted in almost no income for the guild for the fourth year, but leadership insisted on keeping the change and that it was the guild's responsibility to make the duty fee attractive to members, rather than an obligation.

Over the following decades the strategy worked - the guild started organizing fishing crews, running its own boats, and working with sailors to provide more lucrative opportunities. The guild began writing and accumulating books that documented the behavior of fish and their habitats and then limited access to that information to guild members who paid their dues. The guild also found success in organizing fishing competitions and seasonal tours, which helped attract new members and establish new chapter guild halls.

Guild Duty and Fees

The Fishing Guild does not have a membership fees, but instead relies on members accepting a duty levied when selling their catches. The duty is optional, but members are strongly encouraged and rewarded for selling their catches either through the guild directly or to a  Merchants Guild trader.

Selling catches directly via the Fishing Guild will earn points in the Fishing Guild. When selling to a member of the Merchants Guild a ticket will be issued to the seller which can also be redeemed for points in guild. Guild points earn a member higher rank and access to additional perks in the guild (such as access to buying higher tier gear and learning new skills).

Guild Roles

To-Do:Still brainstorming roles in the guild. How is the guild organized? What does leadership look like? Will there be roles around different disciplines of fishing such as line, net, bow, spear, etc. or something else? "Rank" is based on points, so how does rank work vs. role?

Guild Culture and Tradition




Relationship with Other Guilds

Merchants Guild

The Fishing Guild has a strong positive relationship with the Merchants Guild. The two guilds have an agreement which allows members of the Merchants Guild to collect a duty fee on behalf of the Fishing Guild when a member of the guild sells their catch. In return for this the Fishing Guild sells all fish it buys from members through the merchant guild. (Members of the Fishing Guild are allowed to sell fish directly to a buyer such as a chef if they prefer - but they won't earn any points with the guild when doing so.)

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