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Gajoi's Claw (Village)

A Taipii village built inside the caverns of Gajoi's Claw Kafa. The cavern is open to the sea on the southern end, allowing large sailing ships to enter. Gajoi's Claw is the primary trade port on the Isle of Kasau.

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  • There is a campground on the eastern end of the village.


  • Gajoi's Claw Docks - The docks in Gajoi's claw has limited space for a pair of mid-sized sailing ships, with additional docks for smaller craft.
  • Takadynn - There is a takadynn near the center of the village against the sea.
  • Jiodu Stables - There is a jiodu stable on the eastern side of the village.


  •  Taipii Defenders Guild - The Defenders Guild has a chapter hall in Gajoi's Claw. The chapter is tasked with running patrols and keeping passage through the winding caves safe against numerous cave iichii nests.
  •  Taipii Explorers Guild - The Explorers Guild has a chapter hall here with a particular interest in exploring the caves and  The Deep of Forra.
  •  Taipii Merchants Guild - The Merchants Guild has a chapter hall and warehouse in Gajoi's Claw.
  •  Taipii Miners Guild - The miners guild has a chapter hall in Gajoi's Claw.
  • While the  Taipii Sailors Guild does not have an official guild hall on the Isle of Kasau, the Cavewater Tavern is popular with sailors of the guild, and is often considered the unofficial guild hall on the Isle of Kasau.