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Vulan God Kutaun da'Orliia

The Vulan God Kutaun is considered a disreputable god, allowing himself to be drawn into the vices of the Taipii instead of standing against them.

Note:This page is currently only a stub to gather information into.

Kutaun’s role in the Taipii tribes has not been well defined, beyond that he was notorious in his original tribe for pulling pranks can causing mayhem. That reputation follows him well after becoming a god, to a point at which he abandons changing it and embraces his role and strange relationship with Vacharii.

Positive Traits: Charming, Clever, Intuitive, Witty
Negative Traits: Prankster, Manipulative, Sarcastic, Vain
Physical Description:Male Vulan (fox-like). Colors TBD
Clothing: As the god Kutaun is fashionable, colorful, exquisite, and sometimes a bit ridiculous. Kutaun dresses appropriately when incognito as one of his alternate identities.
Arms: TBD

Involvement with the Thieves Guild

The manner in which the Thieves Guild is allowed to operate from Ariiel without the Vulan gods imprisoning them has led to many rumors that the Vulan gods are in some way involved with the Taipii underground.

Kutaun has been outspoken at times in condemning the Thieves of Ariiel, but in doing so his words always seems carefully chosen.