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Felo Goddess Machiiara da'Orliia

Machiiara is the Felo Goddess. She currently leads the Darau au’Lii and seeks solutions to the magical problems on Forra.

Note:This page is currently a stub to gather information into.

While living among the Nomadic Taipii Tribes, Machiiara is an appreciated musician and occasional dancer. Machiiara has a frank, honest nature for which she is generally well-liked.

Machiiara’s intelligence drives her to seek out solutions to problems without agonizing. She believes in herself and her plans such that so long as she is taking steps toward a resolution she can feel content and unburdened by temporary discomfort.

After arriving on Antilia and enduring the first winter it is Machiiara who encourages other nine to continue the journey they began in Orllia. It is Machiiara studies, with assistance from Rakiiso which unlocks much of the Taipii understanding of magic and eventually brings the would-be gods to the Sans au’Sul in Chalei.

After their transformation into the gods, Machiiara leads in establishing the Darau au’Lii and the restoration of the Sans au’Sul - as a guise to hide and study the knowledge and powerful magics within.

Positive Traits: Intelligent, Assertive, Studious, Planner, Musical and Magical Genius
Negative Traits: TBD, Oblivious to the world around her at times and the needs of her assistants
Physical Description:Female Felo (cat-like). Fur color is primarily orange/gold with an exquisite pattern of darker lines.
Clothing: Clothing should indicate Machiiara’s magical nature and status among the Daura au’Lii.
Arms: Although Machiiara favors the use of magic as her weapon, when traveling she may choose to carry one of a few magical rods or devices. She also recognizes the value of having a small knife or blade in case of the unexpected.

Character Design for Machiiara