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Moun Lakii Seafarers

The Moun Lakii Seafarers are a tribe of seafaring Tasiiama that migrates between islands off the Eastern coast of Antilia, including the Isle of Kasau.

Moun Lakii Seafarers

Tribe StructureChei
Region Eastern Isles (Antilia)

Migration Path

Spring Blue Coast, Isle of Kasau
GrowingBlue Coast, Isle of Kasau
Summer South Vasuvii
HarvestNortheastern Isles
Autumn Northeastern Rim
Winter Blue Coast, Isle of Kasau


The Moun Lakii Seafarers split off from the Sa Jourei Seafarers shortly after the city of Talikus was established.

For a time the founding of Talikus resulted in a heavy increase of large ship traffic as supplies poured into the city for construction and new trade agreements were established between Lynnar, Talikus, and Ariiel. Several incidents occurred where the large supply ships sailed through a group of seafarers in their much smaller vessels assuming that the smaller boats would simply get out of their way. Wisdoms from the Sa Jourei tribe traveled to the Taipii cities and petitioned city leadership (including  Kisan God Rakadynn in Lantros) that the large boats threatened to run down and drown the Seafarers in their small boats.

In spite of promises made in response to their petition little seemed to change in the behavior of the sea captains sailing the large vessels. Eventually the Sa Jourei leaders decided their pleas had gone unheard and they spitefully abandoned the Eastern coast entirely. Bitter at the Taipii city dwellers, the tribe moved to the Northern rim of Antilia far from the cities and shipping traffic.

When tribe leaders of the Sa Jourei tribe announced that the tribe would be moving to the northern rim some were very unhappy with the move. Many wanted to stay in the region because they had made friends with members of other Seafarer tribes further east, or because they perceived the decision by the tribe to move up North as emotional and extreme.

The dissenters split off to from the smaller Moun Lakii Seafarers tribe, who shifted their migration routes a little further east to avoid the shipping lane between Lantros and Talikus.

Special Customs

Iichii Hunts with the Neitaku Tribe

Each year in the winter the Moun Lakii Seafarers return to the Blue Coast at the  Isle of Kasau where they join the Neitaku tribe for a season of hunting iichii in the Tangled Lands. Each season a variety of competitive and cooperative games are arranged hunting and fishing wildlife in the Tangled Lands.

The Iichii hunts peak at the end of winter when the winds change again and the Neitaku hold a migration festival before heading south to the Jidou Grazelands while the Moun Lakii enjoy the Blue Coast for a couple seasons on their own.

Annual Migration Path

The Moun Lakii Seafarers start and end each year by joining the Neitaku Tribe on the Blue Coast of the Isle of Kasau for a winter Iichii hunt and feast. In the springtime the Neitaku tribe migrates to the Jidou Grazelands, allowing the Moun Lakii time to relax along the Blue Coast and hone their hunting skills in the Tangled Lands.

When the winds shift signaling the start of summer the Moun Lakii pack themselves back onto their kayaks and canoes to head north for the Vasuvii Islands. Each year in the harvest season they select a few of the smaller islands in the Northeastern Isles to explore (usually sharing the isles with several other Seafarer tribes) and challenge themselves on.

In the autumn the Moun Lakii sail further north of the Isles up to the northern rim overlooking the Low Plane of Aier. Throughout the autumn the Moun Lakii migrate slowly west or east along the rim, with hunters traveling fast and light on foot and the rest of the tribe catching up to them via boat every few days. In this trek the Moun Lakii fill their canoes with resources and supplies that are rare among the islands, which they share with the Neitaku tribe when they return to the Blue Coast for the winter.

Tribe Members

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