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Taipii Lumberjack Guild

The Taipii Lumberjack Guild organizes teams to fell trees and large mushrooms, and processes the raw wood into lumber

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The Lumberjack Guild was formed during the heavy construction of the cities of Lynnar and Chalei. Before the founding of the Lumberjack Guild tree felling and sawing was most commonly performed by members of whatever guild or group needed the wood. After the founding of Lynnar and Chalei there was competition between  Mason Guild builders trying to source wood for construction for projects across the two cities. Poor planning and miscommunication led to accusations of theft between chapters of the Mason Guild, and a few members angry with the situation splintered off the establish a guild that could better specialize on the production of lumber.


The Lumberjack guild separates their roles and ranks, such that a person of any rank may be tasked to take on any role. Higher ranked members of the guild tend to have more say in what jobs and roles they take.

  • Greenroot - An apprentice of the guild
  • Softroot - An experienced lumberjack that has been on numerous jobs and understands how to perform most common jobs.
  • Hardroot - Highly experienced lumberjack that has experience finding and felling rare trees.


Lumberjack teams tend to involve the same set of roles involved regardless of the job or target:

  • Fellers - Fell trees, but occasionally a feller may need to climb a tree and remove limbs with a hand saw.
  • Haulers - This role is responsible for moving the felled timber to the saw mill for processing.
  • Millers - Mill the timber into lumber and other wood products.


Artisans Guild

While the Mason and Sailors guilds both buy large quantities of lumber from the Lumberjack Guild, the Artisan Guild and their need for furniture grade wood also provides the Lumberjack Guild with steady income. While orders from the Artisans guild are not nearly as large as the other guilds, orders from the Artisans are often more specific in calling for rare tree wood and can pay quite well for a smaller job.

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Masons Guild

The Lumberjack Guild was founded by disgruntled members of the Masons Guild during a period of heavy construction in Lynnar and Chalei. Tensions between the two groups were high at the time, but have since cooled. In spite of disagreements over the way the Mason's Guild selects local building materials, it is still the Lumberjack Guild's largest buyer.

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Merchants Guild

Taipii homeowners often need products produced by the the Lumberjack to maintain their houses, and those are typically purchased through stores supplied by the Merchants Guild. The Lumberjack Guild has built a good relationship with the Merchant's Guild to distribute their products to stores and build sites across Antilia.

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Miners Guild


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Sailors Guild

Some chapters of the Lumberjack Guild deal directly with the Sailors Guild in a few villages with shipyards. Taipii boats are built primarily with wood supplied by the guild.

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Scribes Guild


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Chapter Guild Halls

The Lumberjack Guild has the following chapter halls:

Tasii Garden Lumberjack Guild

Shortly after the establishment of  Tasii Garden on the  Isle of Kasau a simple sawmill was constructed on the eastern side of the village powered by a stream flowing out from the Miiraun Fountain. In spite of the odd location the mill survived and produced lumber used in the construction of all the villages on the Isle of Kasau. Shortly after the founding of the village lumberjacks working at mill built a small building next to it and established the Tasii Garden Chapter of the Lumberjack Guild.