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Antilia Features

Antilia is as sandbox style RPG offering players a variety of features!

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Open World

Freely explore the World of Forra at your own pace and preference!

Multiplayer Mode

Single Player Mode

Antilia can be played in Single Player Mode on or offline.

World Simulation

Antilia is built upon a Simulation Engine. Player and non-player characters go about their daily lives working, traveling from place to place, socializing, buying goods, and driving a virtual economy.

Character Creation

Design custom characters!

Player Mods

Antilia includes a variety of editors to create new content with, and special attention has been given to allow for player-created mods!


Design, build, and expand your own custom structures in the world!

Multiple Characters

Invite your friends to join in on your adventures on Antilia!

Character Inventory

Antilia's new 3D inventory makes it easy to find custom crafted items, and can be expanded with a variety of special inventory slots!

Skill Grid

The Skill Grid organizes skill disciplines and allows characters to be specialized in a variety of ways.

The World of Forra

The World of Forra is filled with ancient ruins and rich lore for players to discover and explore!