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Taipii Defenders Guild

The Taipii Defenders guild protect small independent Taipii villages from creature attacks and other local threats

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The Defenders Guild is a guild commonly established in small villages to protect it's residents against hostile threats. In contrast to the Taipii Guard the Defenders guild tries to remain small and efficient, with only a few ranks and roles.

Ranks and Roles

  • Cadet - A new recruit who is training with the Defenders.
  • Lookout - Defenders assigned to Lookout duty are expected to stand watch at a location or tower and report any hostiles they see approaching. This role is often assigned to cadets to assist with.
  • Patrol Scout - Defenders assigned to patrol duty are expected to transverse a road or path and eliminate any hostile creatures they encounter along the way. As cadets advance they may be assigned to assist the patrol scouts.
  • Shield Mela or Femii - A Shield Mela or Shield Femii is a fully trained member of the guild.
  • Master - The masters teach the art of fighting to new cadets, and may be expected to lead teams of shields in an attack.
  • Captain - The captain is responsible for organizing lookouts and patrols, for gathering information about local threats and ensuring that the guild is well equipped and ready to defend it's village.

Guild Halls

The Defenders Guild has the following chapter halls:

Defenders Guild of Tasii Garden

Defenders Guild of Wei Garden

Defenders Guild of Gajoi's Claw