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A list of all established words in the spoken language of Forra

Warning:This page is temporary. Many of these items will be moved into their own articles, and the remainder should be placed into an automated language/dictionary system.
Note:All of the sentient races on Forra speak a common language, but with some words being unique to the race that found need to invent it. There is no common written language however, with each race developing their own independently.
Note:Some characters and places have been included in this list where the name might have meaning as a word.
  • Aier - A large continent located to the east of Antilia.
  • Alenfay - A Taipii city state on Antilia known for its wines.
  • Antilia - The continent the Taipii have made their home.
  • Ariiel -The Taipii city state on Antilia famed for its festivals and the arts. It is also known for its fostering of the darker side of Taipii life and is home to the Thieves' Guild.
  • au - Of (the). Indicates an association between two entities.
  • aukula - A type of saltwater fish
  • bakei - Brick, typically made of clay
  • cha - Eye
  • chalakii - (noun) A type of spice used to season food.
  • Chalei - The second largest Taipii city on Antilia and home to the Sans au'Sul.
  • Chaliima - The name of a female Felo mage apprentice who was part of the Kasau expedition.
  • chamii - A type of small freshwater fish.
  • chanau - Root
  • Chatoi - An older magical race that drove the Taipii from Orliia. They long ago crossed over the 'Edge' and lost their physical bodies, though parts can still manifest in the physical plane from time to time.
  • chei - Three of the original Taipii tribes on Orliia designated themselves as Chei tribes. In a chei tribe more decisions were made by vote rather than by a single tribe leader.
  • cheibaun - A type of primarily nocturnal saltwater fish.
  • cheikan - Thunder
  • cheikan doisor - Literally "thunder dancer." A type of saltwater ray.
  • choula - A type of small saltwater fish.
  • Cho - A cook or chef.
  • da - From (da'Lynnar - from Lynnar)
  • dansii - A long-bodied, chest-height koura with barbed antennae that contain venom.
  • dauk - Luck, Fortune
  • daura - 1. Seeker 2. Student. Same plural and singular form
  • Daura au'Lii - "Seekers of the Light", a hierarchy of mages that study magic
  • dausei - Crown
  • deneb - Dusk
  • doisor - 1. dancer 2. ray (fish)
  • doizei - Draped, hanging
  • domynii - A cactus common in Kasau's southern grasslands. It is reminiscent of a prickly pear with large, red, edible fruits.
  • doujii - A builder, typically of houses and structures
  • duko - 1. To bash or smash, 2. A blunt impact
  • dygon - A type of saltwater fish.
  • dysaila - A type of brackish water bottom feeding fish.
  • *fa - for
  • *fau - family
  • faykala - A mangrove-like tree that grows in swamps. The root of this tree is used as a cooking ingredient in some Taipii foods.
  • Faylynn - The name of Forra's sister planet.
  • Faujiika - The name of the Lupan goddess.
  • Fausaila - The name of the Kisan goddess.
  • Fouwynn - The name of a Koro fisherman who was part of the Kasau expedition.
  • fayn - veil, one who wears a veil
  • Fayn Sires - The mountain range that runs through the center of Antilia.
  • fayn'jii - Those who have sworn their services to a god or goddess
  • Felo - The cat-like Taipii bloodline.
  • femii - female
  • Fei Siita - The canyonlands of Antilia located south of Talikus.
  • fiich - Bud
  • Forra - The name of the planet on which Antilia is located.
  • fobei - A floating island, held aloft by fine natural  float miiraun crystals in the rock.
  • founla - graceful
  • founla doisor - Literally "graceful dancer." A type of saltwater ray.
  • fouvii - Flower
  • Fynnloi - The name of a fayn'jii of Vacharii, the vulan goddess.
  • Gajoi, [Mount] - The name of the dead volcano that is the highest peak on the Isle of Kasau.
  • gakei paka - A type of salt water eel.
  • Gariisu - The name of a male Lupan Daura au'Lii member and instructor at the Sans au'Sul.
  • gaunei - A kiln
  • gaven - Rock
  • giisoun - A type of saltwater fish.
  • gutaun - white
  • gutaun doisor - Literally "white dancer." A type of saltwater ray.
  • Gynnsaula - According to rumor, the name of a witch living in the Gales Mountains.
  • iichii - A type of hostile insect-like creature.
  • jawoi - Great
  • jay - Fish
  • jaysu - A type of freshwater fish.
  • jidou - A domesticated insect-like creature commonly used to carry Taipii or cargo. Can also produce a milk-like substance used by the Taipii in cooking.
  • Jirii - The name of a female Lupan of the Kasau expedition, most known for her musical talents.
  • joisan - A type of tree that has a bioluminescence. Best known for its uses in the City of Lynnar.
  • joisii - Berry
  • kachii - Bulb (of a plant)
  • kachep - A scribe or recordkeeper (Plural: Kachepii)
  • kafa - A cave
  • Kaliilou - The name of a female Kisan who sells camping gear in the base camp on Kasau.
  • kanii - Knot
  • karei - A pot or jug, typically made of clay. Plural: karii
  • kasala - A type of freshwater bottom feeding fish.
  • Kasau - One of a number of volcanic islands to the east of Antilia. Most known for a Taipii expedition that shipwrecked here.
  • keimau - Palm
  • keiso - A type of saltwater fish.
  • Kiicha - The name of a female Koro who sells clothing at the Maulei Beach camp on Kasau.
  • Kisan - The kangaroo-like Taipii bloodline.
  • kokii - Vine
  • Koro - The deer-like Taipii bloodline.
  • koura - The general term for the insect-like animals of Forra.
  • Kula - A region in the mountains of southern Kasau.
  • kuthil - Sneak, Creep (as a creeping vine)
  • Kutaun - The name of the Vulan god.
  • lafou paka - A type of fresh water eel.
  • lakoi - library
  • lanon - lament
  • Lantros (Compound lanon, fa, mynros) - First city founded by the Taipii on Antilia and the seat of the Kisan monarchy. Name means 'lament for yesterday.'
  • lei - A type of soft wooded tree, the wood of which is ideal in woodworking.
  • Lei Soufau - The name of the Palace of the Lupan gods in Lynnar.
  • lii - light
  • linau - A loincloth-like garment that consists of a front panel and some form of attached skirt
  • lou - Sky
  • Lupan - The wolf-like Taipii bloodline.
  • Lynnar - The largest city on Antilia and the home to the Taipii Council.
  • Machiiara - The name of the Felo goddess.
  • Maisaka - The name of a legendary monohorn of whom little is known.
  • majii - mage
  • makou - clay
  • makachii - A type of ground-growing mushroom, some varieties of which are edible.
  • malou - A small freshwater fish.
  • masiika - A type of tree. Its wood is frequently used by the residents of Kasau.
  • Maulei - The region of Kasau directly south of Mount Gajoi, most notably known for the Maulei Beach, a popular spot for saltwater fishing.
  • Mausaiva - The name of a male Lupan who tends to the Siiryn logging camp.
  • Mayra - Mushroom
  • mayrufau - Festival
  • mech - Split
  • Medai - Name of a male Koro/Kisan healer who took up residence at Two Pools camp in Kasau's caverns. He has vocal opinions on the plight of monohorns.
  • merau - Leaf
  • mijoi - Morning
  • miila - male
  • miiraun (previously Miirahn) - magic
  • milo - Meal
  • Moivalau [Forest] - The name of a large mushroom forest on Kasau.
  • minau, (plural: minaulii) - An ore or mineral.
  • moniika - A type of saltwater fish.
  • moufyn paka - A type of salt water eel.
  • mousii - A type of freshwater fish.
  • mufau - Fruit
  • muselii - Metal or metal ore
  • mynros - yesterday
  • nanau - Bell
  • Naumayus - The name of the Lupan god.
  • Nayr - A small farming town in the northern fields of Antilia. Often considered a rural offshoot of nearby Ariiel.
  • Nogau - Tube
  • Orliia - The name of a continent located to the southeast of Aier and far to the east of Antilia. It is the original home of the Taipii.
  • Padailau - The name of a male Koro hunter who guarded the Base Camp on Kasau.
  • paka - eel
  • pival - literally "living", alive
  • Poujo - The name of a male vulan who works near Kasau's smelter at the mining camp and teaches mining.
  • Rakadynn - The name of the Kisan god.
  • Rakiiso - The name of the Koro goddess.
  • ralau - Dew
  • ralauki - A type of nut.
  • Ramasu - The name of a male Lupan who guards the Base Camp at Kasau.
  • Ramos - The name of a male Koro captain whose ship was wrecked off the coast of Kasau.
  • Reimasou - The name of the Felo god.
  • Reisuii - A mechanically adept race living in the cavern system beneath Forra's surface known collectively as 'The Deep'.
  • reizou - A small brackish water fish.
  • rinsou - A type of salt water fish.
  • ru - River
  • rusiicha - Ruffled
  • ryket - Tree
  • sagau - 1. A stream or creek of running water. 2. A magical term, used to refer to the flow of miiraun.
  • sagousei - 1. Master, 2. Teacher. Often used as a title, such as Sagousaei au'Maku Karii - Master of Clay Pots. While the singular form typically indicates success or mastery of something, it's plural form of "sagousii" typically implies a group responsibility.
  • Saimalyn - A secluded region on Kasau's eastern shore.
  • sajii - Sour
  • Sakaru - Supposedly the name of a monohorn koro explorer who discovered the mud pits of Alenfay.
  • sakei - book
  • Sakii - An elusive dragon-like race. Their manipulations of the dream plane have pushed them to the very edge of the Physical Plane.
  • Sakouv - The name of the Kasau Base Camp's male Vulan blacksmith who always seems to be losing his hammer.
  • sakouta - A type of saltwater fish.
  • sakurii - A type of salt water fish.
  • sans - sigh
  • Sans au'Sul (Compound sans, au, Sul) - The name of the magic school in Chalei. The name means 'Sigh of the Sun.'
  • sapoi - 1. Blossom. 2. A type of birch tree the wood of which is ideal for woodworking.
  • Saulakii - Literally "cold wind." A small beach in Kasau's Kula region.
  • sel - Night
  • sires - Spire
  • Siiryn - The forested region in northern Kasau.
  • Solau, [Lake] - The lake near central Kasau by which the Base Camp is located.
  • Sul - The name of Forra's sun.
  • sysal - A grain that is used in cooking, especially for porridge.
  • Taipii - 1. A magically adept race native to Orliia currently living on Antilia. 2. The language of that race.
  • takadynn - A magical teleport device known for draining the stamina of those who use it for travel.
  • Talikus - A city on Antilia located in a beautiful harbor with a pleasant climate. Many sailors and merchants pass through here.
  • tamiika - A type of saltwater fish.
  • tamor - blood
  • tamor jay (formerly Lamouka) - Literally "blood fish." A type of saltwater bottom feeding fish.
  • tasii - Bamboo
  • Tasiiama - 1. The lifestyle of following the old nomadic ways of the Taipii on Orliia. 2. The collective name for the nomadic tribes of Taipii scattered across Antilia.
  • taulou - 1. teaser 2. A type of saltwater fish.
  • teifo - A garment that consists of a cloth panel draping from the front of a belt or the waistband of another garment.
  • tezau 1. Fluff, 2. A form of cotton
  • tithym - The name of the Taipii currency.
  • toijusou - Tangled
  • Torliila - A female Vulan who sells fishing gear at the Taipii base camp. She was originally a stowaway rather than an official member of the Taipii expedition to the Isle of Kasau.
  • touka - 1. rogue 2. A predominantly nocturnal freshwater fish.
  • tousaka - A type of tree with dark brown wood that is useful in woodworking.
  • tousan - A small flying insect-like creature commonly used as fishing bait.
  • Vacharii - The name of the Vulan goddess.
  • Vaulei - The name of a little understood race no longer present on Forra's physical plane.
  • Vausuvii, [North] - One of a number of volcanic islands to the east of Antilia. It is located to the northeast of Kasau.
  • Vausuvii, [South] - One of a number of volcanic islands to the east of Antilia. It is located to the east of Kasau.
  • veiko - A type of edible shelf mushroom.
  • vitii - Bitter
  • vokii Thorn
  • Vulan - The fox-like Taipii bloodline.
  • vusan paka - A type of brackish water eel.
  • waikou - A type of small fresh water fish.
  • wauv - wave
  • Wauv Doisor - Literally "Wave Dancer." The name of the ship that wrecked on an expedition to Kasau.
  • wei - Small, Little
  • weifau - snow
  • weifau jay - Literally "snow fish." A type of saltwater fish.
  • weisan - swamp
  • weisan doisor - Literally "swamp dancer." A type of of saltwater ray.
  • Zoukajynn - The name of the Koro god.