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Tasii Garden

Tasii Garden is a region on the Isle of Kasau inhabited by Taipii and defined by tall bamboo and frequent ponds. A large miiraun fountain sits just north of Tasii Garden.

Tasii Garden Region

Located On  The Isle of Kasau
Region Type Village
Inhabitants  Taipii

Tasii Garden is a region on  The Isle of Kasau inhabited by  Taipii and defined by tall bamboo, streams, and ponds. A large Miiraun Fountain sits just north of Tasii Garden. Directly south of Tasii Garden is Solau Lake.



Note:This information was written as of version 0.11.0. Many of these services will change as Antilia develops. Outdoor markets will be moved indoors, and free supply crates will be reduced in number and the goods they offer.
Campground: Historic Taipii Base Camp

This camp site was established during  The Kasau Expedition, and the village was later built around it. The camp still stands, providing a place for nomads and travelers to place tents, warm themselves by a fire, and fish in a small pond or Solau Lake.

Campground: Secluded Camp

In the Northwest side of camp, on the road leading up to the Miiraun Fountain is a small campground down a short path. The camp offers a place to set up a tent, a small fishing hole, and a basic firepit with grilling rack.


Small Dock

On the Northern shore of Solau Lake is a small dock. Large ships cannot enter into Lake Solau from the sea due to the rocky shallows surrounding The Isle of Kasau, although rarely a captain might launch a smaller craft to deliver goods or passengers. Nearly all sea traffic to the The Isle of Kasau uses the safer harbor in Gajoi's Claw.

Jidou Stables

There is a small jidou stable on the southern side of the village along the road leading into the Jidou Grazelands. For a small fee you can rent a jidou to ride.



Open Market

There is currently a small open market near the center of Tasii Garden. Inside are a few tables, which vendors can use to display and sell goods.

Torliila's Fishing Boutique

 Torllia da'Ariiel has set up shop providing fishing gear to the Taipii just north of the Historic Taipii Base Camp. She offers free fishing poles as well as worms to use as bait.

Additional Services

Supply Crates

There are a few supply crates on the Northeast side of the gardens, near the circular building off the road leading up to the Miiraun Fountain. Currently it offers free wood axes, pickaxes, lantern staves, and fishing poles.

Tasii Garden features a village square, with merchant shops, a tower, and a few  Guild Halls.


Tasii Garden were settled as a Taipii Village shortly after  The Kasau Expedition. Once The Daura au'Lii took an interest in the island and established their own camp on the small Isle of Mist the village was established as a more peaceful place to live outside of the The Tangled Lands. While the mages were able to set up travel via Takadynn travel between their camp and  Antilia, settlers would begin to restore an old road leading from the gardens south around Mt. Gajoi to Gajoi's Claw.

The village was founded by Kaliilou da'Lantros, a femii kisan who was among the explorers of the Kasau Expedition. Initially she approached

The southern side the village includes the Historic Taipii Base Camp established in the . The camp is still functioning, allowing tents to be erected and the small pond, nearby streams, and

The base of one of the  Miiraun Streams feeding the fountain.

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