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Kasau Expedition

The Kasau Expedition ventured to explore the then forbidden Isle of Kasau. It was embarked upon by a small group of daring Taipii willing to defy their gods and determine for themselves if there was danger or opportunity on the sizable island neighboring Antilia.

Info:The Kasau Expedition served as the setting of the Antilia MMORPG alpha tests. This article covers the backstory, the events that took place during the expedition, and immediately afterward. Over the course of the MMORPG alpha tests thousands of characters were created by players, far more than could have conceivably traveled aboard the Wauv Doisor, and so for simplicity we'll imagine a smaller group of Taipii were present.

Origins of the Expedition

"You three always did have a nose for trouble," Gachau told the trio. "What do you think you will find there?" "Questions, most likely. Possibly answers."
"The gods are wary of that island. They say the Miiraun isn't right there." Gachau paused for a moment then continued. "Ramos and the crew of the Wauv Doisor have strong nerves. Let's hope those you select do as well."

The Kasau Expedition was conceived in a meeting of Ramasu da'Lynnar, Poujo da'Alenfay, Jiiri da'Ariiel, and a wealthy patron of the expedition named Gachau who remained in Talikus. After a previous job had introduced the three to each other they were seeking a new adventure. They soon hatched a scheme to adventure someplace truly challenging -  The Isle of Kasau.

They found themselves a captain willing to take them to the Isle of Kasau, Captain Ramos da'Talikus, and were able to secure supplies for their venture with a contact of Ramasu's in Talikus. Secretly they assembled a largely-inexperienced crew of adventurers and pioneers looking for a new opportunity.


They set out from Lynnar in Ramos's ship The Wauv Doisor. By the time they had sailed around The Lantros Peninsula and spotted The Isle of Kasau, a sudden and unexpected storm (possibly a Miiraun Storm) moved over the ship. The storm quickly grew worse. As Ramos was desperately searching the rocky coastline of Kasau for a place to safely anchor the Wauv Doisor the ship was swiftly and unexpectedly drawn toward the large crater-like bay on Mt. Gajoi known as Gajoi's Mouth.

As Ramos and his crew scrambled to navigate the ship north a set of sharp rocks beneath the water's surface caught the Wauv Doisor and tore a hole in the ship's hull. The boat quickly began to sink, and in a final effort Ramos steered the ship to run aground on the Southern end of The Tangled Lands. As the storm raged on the explorers abandoned the ship and much of their equipment to swim to ashore. A few were timid to enter the raging sea, but Torliila (who was an excellent swimmer on account of her time swimming in Ariiel Bay) assisted in their rescue.

Once ashore their troubles were not over - the storm continued through the next couple bells, and the explorers were forced to huddle under alcoves in the rocks at the base of Mt. Gajoi. When the storm finally began to wane Ramasu suggested there must be a path leading east around Mount Gajoi, and assembled a small scouting party to brave the swamp and find a path to it. Meanwhile Padailau tried to hold off  Iichii who began to re-emerge in the swamp as the storm subsided. Ramasu returned with good news - that there was refuge near the fountain, but that getting there would require abandoning their supplies for the time and traveling in haste through the dangerous swamp. He had returned with a bundle of glowing stems that provided them with some light, and huddled together they spent the night fighting their way through the swamp with the few small arms they still had after swimming ashore.

In the following days scouting parties would return to the shipwreck and recover some of the sea-soaked supplies. A few tents and tools were recovered, and a primitive camp was set up north of Solau Lake amidst the tall bamboo.

Without any means to return to Antilia the group decided to continue the expedition to explore the Isle of Kasau and find resources that would make their situation more bearable.

Among the Crew of the Explorers

  • Chaliima da'Lantros is a student of magic. She settled on Maulei beach and offered lessons to learn a few fire skills and sold miiraun crystals. She attempted to create a teleport back to Antilia, but her attempt failed - instead whisking explorers away to South Vasuvii Island.
  • Fouwynn da'Talikus spent his time fishing at Maulei Beach and would teach a few fishing skills.
  • Jiiri da'Ariiel taught woodworking skills and how to make a flute in the Taipii Base Camp.
  • Kaliilou da'Lantros organized Taipii Base Camp and sold a few items including tents, bedrolls, and cloth.
  • Kiicha da'Lynnar sold jewelry and clothing at Maulei Beach.
  • Mausaiva da'Tasiiama was found at the logging camp cutting firewood. As a member of the Tasiiama, he was a master at bushcraft skills and would teach a few as well as sell wood planks.
  • Medai da'Lantros was particularly eager to explore the caves under Mt. Gajoi, and could be found in the Two Pools Camp underground. He would offer to sing silly Monohorn songs as well as offer lessons on how to use healing magic.
  • Padailau da'Nayr did not like being on the Isle of Kasau and would express concern about Mt. Gajoi and iichii approaching camp from the nearby tangled lands.
  • Poujo da'Alenfay was a miner that scouted the Isle of Kasau for mineral wealth. He taught a few mining skills.
  • Ramasu da'Lynnar taught combat skills, and would run about in Taipii Base Camp.
  • Captain Ramos da'Talikus was captain of the ill-fated ship that brought the Taipii to the Isle of Kasau, the Wauv Doisor. He spent his time sulking next to the shipwreck and agonizing over how to recover his trade business after the disaster.
  • Sakouv da'Ariiel was a blacksmith who would teach weapon crafting skills in Base Camp. The constant ringing of his anvil was a source of irritation to Torliila who was stationed nearby and lead to some camp hijinks.
  •  Torliila da'Ariiel stowed way on the Wauv Doisor to tag along with an unidentified "lover". As her only skills were dancing and swimming, she was assigned to "fish bait duty" - something she quickly came to resent.
  • Tourii da'Talikus was a friend of Captain Ramos and sold cooking ingredients at Maulei Beach and could teach a few cooking skills.

Members of the Kasau Expedition, as they appeared in the Antilia MMORPG

Noteworthy Events on the Isle of Kasau

Info:While the Antilia MMORPG was in alpha there were several special events. Some of them were not intended to be "lore canon" and are thus not listed here (New Years, April Fools, etc.)

Several of these events were impromptu, with work starting on them the day before the actual event would take place. The events often involvied characters directly controlled by the developers while following a script or improvising in response to players.

Attack of the Iichii King

One night in the Taipii Base Camp Forra's sister planet Faylynn rose a deep red color (an eclipse was in progress). Soon after a large previously unencountered creature known as the Iichii King appeared outside of base camp and began to attack the explorers.

An alarm was quickly raised and the camp banded together to fight the creature back to the Tangled Lands and the cave from which it came.

Info:Oops! When this event ran on the server two Iichii Kings were spawned by accident. Additionally there was a bug in the way the Iichii King behaved which caused the creature to constantly flee the attacking players as it tried to adjust it's distance from it's target.

After the event an Iichii King was added to a large room in  The Deep so that players could engage with it again if they wished.

The Iichii King, as it appeared in the Antilia MMORPG

Escape of the Unknown Entities

After the Taipii explorers had been shipwrecked on The Isle of Kasau for some time an unprecedented event happened one evening just after sunset. Chaliima da'Lantros ran into Base Camp claiming that something strange was on the island. She had been practicing the use of Miiraun Sight, and could see something new which she'd never seen or heard of before. Chaliima insisted to those at camp that something was about to happen. The Taipii at Base Camp had more questions for her, but got nothing more than vague descriptions of something happening and strange magical entities appearing across the Isle of Kasau.

As they were questioning her  The Kisan Goddess Fausaila da'Orliia walked into the Base Camp. Surprised by the presence of the Taipii explorers she reprimanded the explorers for landing on the island. She demanded to know why they had come here and who established the Base Camp. After some quick explanations she stated that their presence would complicate things and hastily asked who was in charge of weaponry.

Kisan Goddess Fausaila draws her sword in Base Camp

Upon learning that Ramasu was the one in charge of weapons, she explained that she had come to Kasau to observe and manage an event that appeared to building up in the magical realms and could possibly enter the physical realm. Fausaila explained that everyone on the island was in grave danger, and ordered Ramasu to arm everyone in the camp immediately.

As Fausaila was working to get everyone armed and learn how spread out the Taipii were on the island, Daura au'Lii archmage Gariisu da'Chalei also appeared to walk into the camp. He seemed shocked to discover both the presence of the Taipii camp as well as Goddess Fausaila among them. Fausaila responded to him that this was a dangerous event and he should have left it for The Gods to observe, claiming that the Daura au'Lii would only put more Taipii in danger by coming here. Gariisu agreed that what was occurring was very dangerous, but expressed surprise that the goddess brought so many untrained in the use of  the magics to Kasau. Fausaula denied her involvement in the Taipii presence on the isle, and ordered Gariisu to help her keep the explorers safe.

Around that time, a giant bright green eye appeared in the sky near the camp, seeming to watch over Mount Gajoi. The presence of the eye did not go unnoticed, and goddess Faulaila noted that The Chatoi were observing the event as well. She expressed hope that they would keep their attention focused on the shimmering entities and ignore that the Taipii were there also. Quickly thereafter, Fausaila drew her ornate sword and announced to everyone to defend themselves - "they" were passing into the Physical Realm.

A Chatoi Eye observes the magical disturbance on The Isle of Kasau

Quickly, "they" were everywhere. Floating spheres pulsing with magical energies start to emerge across the entirety of the Isle of Kasau. A fierce battle ensued in which the Taipii explorers, Gariisu and Goddess Fausaila were forced to fend off several waves of the "unknown entities" near and around the Base Camp.

The spheres eventually retreated towards Mount Gajoi and Fausaila observed that they seemed to be attracted to something beneath the mountain. As the situation calmed Fausaila announced that she must discuss what had happened with the other gods, and that she would have her counterpart  Rakadynn, send ships to evacuate this isle until she could determine if the Chatoi had noticed the Taipii presence on Kasau.

The mysterious "unknown entities" appear across the Isle of Kasau

Gariisu approached Chaliima and noted that he heard that a felo student had gone missing and he now understood why. He offered to take Chaliima with him back to the Sans au'Sul, to which she agreed.

A while later, after Fausaila and Gariisu had left, a second Chatoi eye appeared above the Taipii Base Camp looking directly down at it.

Info:Thanks go to for compiling this information and for screenshots of the event.

After the Expedition