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Torliila da'Ariiel

Torliila is a Taipii Vulan female currently living on the Isle of Kasau. Initially she trained as a dancer in Ariiel, but after an adventure on the Isle of Kasau she decided to open a business selling fishing supplies known as Torliila's Fishing Boutique.

Torliila da'Ariiel

Race  Taipii
P. Bloodline  Vulan
S. Bloodline  Vulan
Sex female
Home  Tasii Garden


Torliila was raised in Ariiel, where she spent much of her time swimming in the bay and later learning how to dance. For a time she worked at the Laughing Breeze Inn in Ariiel.


Torliila was not a formal member of the explorers in the  Kasau Expedition, but stowed away on the Wauv Doisor and ended up a part of the expedition anyway. After discovering that she was on the island Kaliilou da'Lantros put her to work tending bait for fishers in the Taipii Base Camp, a job she would come to resent.

Current Occupation

After her adventure on the Isle of Kasau Torliila returned to Ariiel for a brief time, believing she would return to her life as a dancer. Instead she found the work unsatisfying, and later returned to the Isle of Kasau to start her official fishing goods shop Torliila's Fishing Boutique in  Tasii Garden.

Info:Torliila also appeared in the Antilia MMORPG Alpha tests.