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Taipii Security Guild

The Taipii "Security Guild" specializes in stealth, sneaking, and acquiring objects and information from difficult locations.

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The Taipii Security Guild specializes in security, stealth, and "security testing" services. While most of the guild halls try to publicly sell goods and commissions with some impression of legitimacy, the guild has earned a reputation as a "back-door guild of thieves and pickpockets".

Ranks and Roles

Ranks and Roles at the Ariiel Guild Hall

The Ariiel Guild hall is team oriented, with numerous independent teams which trade members depending on the job. Rank (or experience) can be recognized independently for each role.

Cho Kadak

The Cho Kadak (Heist Fence) is a client or buyer who funds the operation. The Kadak is typically only known by the Cho Mauga, and is not usually a member of the Guild.

Cho Maugasa

The Cho Maugasa (Heistmaster) is responsible for organizing heists, gathering and analyzing reconnaissance information, and planning jobs. The Cho Mauga only rarely goes on the heist themselves, but usually provides insulation between the Fence and the team.

Cho Saz'Sau

The Cho Saz'Sau (Heist Show-paw) is a reputable individual who can mingle with a target while secretly working for the team. The Cho Saz'Sau is rarely able to meet directly with their team or will don a disguise while doing so to avoid damaging their reputation.

Cho Mezmorii

Some jobs involve the role of Cho Mezmorii (Heist Dancer), who is responsible for providing a distraction or diversion. Despite of the name, this role rarely involves dancing. Whatever the nature of the diversion or distraction is, it is referred to by team members as "the dance" and will require some improvisation.

Cho Savii'weit

The Cho Savii'weit (Heist Safe-crack) is a master at defeating security mechanisms. The savii'weit will also be a lii'sau (light-paw) as gaining access to security mechanisms almost always requires reaching them without being detected.

Cho Lii'Sau

The Cho Lii'Sau (Heist Light-paw) is a stealthy individual who can move about without being detected. Lii-Sau are sometimes used for reconnaissance before a job, to take or place items, or to ensure the Cho Savii'weit can reach their target.

Guild Halls

Ariiel Guild Hall

The Ariiel branch of the the Security Guild is different than the others. While the other guild halls offer some legit services the Ariiel branch is more openly specialized in stealth, thieving, lock picking, and fencing stolen goods.