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Taipii Guilds

A list of Taipii Guilds

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Taipii Alchemists Guild

Members of the Alchemists guild spend time in the wilderness searching for ingredients with alchemedic properties, and combine them into salves and potions.

Taipii Armorers Guild

A guild for Taipii who produce arms and armor from chitin, metal, and exotic materials.

Taipii Artisans Guild

The Artisans Guild teach the production of basic tools, furniture, candles, soaps, and other household goods. The guild teaches a variety of disciplines including blacksmithing, carpentry, and alchemy, but does not cover any of those disciplines fully.

Taipii Bards Guild

A guild for Taipii musicians and storytellers.

Taipii Chefs Guild

The Taipii Chefs guild teaches safe cooking techniques and recipes, and is responsible for catering many Taipii festivals.

Taipii Dancers Guild

A guild of Taipii dancers and entertainers

Taipii Defenders Guild

The Taipii Defenders guild protect small independent Taipii villages from creature attacks and other local threats

Taipii Explorers Guild

The Taipii Explorers Guild (or possibly Historical or Archeologist Guild) is an adventurous guild which sets out to explore the world of Forra

Taipii Farmers and Foragers Guild

The Taipii Farming and Foragers Guild tasks itself with "feeding the Taipii".

Taipii Fishing Guild

The Fishing guild (or Fishers Guild) share knowledge about catching fish and organize fishing expeditions

Taipii Glassmakers Guild

The Taipii Glassmakers guild share knowledge for creating glass from sand, blowing glass bottles, and crafting decorative stained glass windows

Taipii Healers Guild

The Taipii Healers guild specializes in healing with it's own blend of medicine, alchemy, and Miiraun magic

Taipii Lumberjack Guild

The Taipii Lumberjack Guild organizes teams to fell trees and large mushrooms, and processes the raw wood into lumber

Taipii Mages Guild

The Taipii Guild of Mages teach and study Miiraun magic independent of the Taipii gods and the Daura au'Lii

Taipii Masons Guild

The Masons Guild teaches works in stone and clay including brick making, stone carving, pottery, and building structures.

Taipii Merchants Guild

The Taipii Merchants guild specializes in trade and maintaining trade routes between Taipii cities and villages. The guild spends a lot of energy tracking and communicating the supply and demand of Taipii goods across Forra

Taipii Miners Guild

The Taipii miners guild specializes cave exploration, mining ores and minerals, smelting, and refining.

Taipii Papercraft Guild

The Papercraft Guild specializes in making plain and fancy papers, folding fans, umbrellas, and flying kites. The guild also includes painters and artist who decorate the paper goods.

Taipii Sailors Guild

The Taipii Sailors Guild specializes in ships, sailing, and moving cargo between Taipii cities and villages. It maintains close ties with the Merchants guild

Taipii Scribes Guild

The Taipii Scribes Guild collect books and maps to offer services to copy them. They work closely with the Explorers Guild to acquire new books as they are discovered

Taipii Security Guild

The Taipii "Security Guild" specializes in stealth, sneaking, and acquiring objects and information from difficult locations.

Taipii Weavers Guild

The Weavers Guild teaches members how to spin thread, weave fabrics, and soften chitin for forming. The weavers guild also creates clothing, sails, ropes, and nets.

Taipii Wranglers Guild

The Taipii Wranglers Guild teach animal handling and train animals like the Jidou. The Wranglers Guild run or are associated with many stables scattered across Forra.