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Taipii History

History of the Taipii

Note:I am currently building a rough outline on this page. Work-in-progress, don't read too much any any of this yet, it's all subject to change.

Nomadic Tribes of Orliia

The Orliian Exodus

The Longest Winter

The Cornerstones of Lantros

Formation of the Tribal Houses

Establishment of the First Guilds

Scouting Missions

The Summer of Bricks

The Founding of Lynnar

Exploration of Lynnar

The Village of Nyla

Breakdown of Tribes

The Founding of Chalei

Revealing the Sans au'Sul

Even Better Bricks

The Establishment of the Tasiiama

The Great Northern Frontier

Early Exploration of the Fayn Sires

Pushing West

Mudpits and Monohorns

The Rebellion of Ariiel

Taipii Pirates and Thieves

The Pirate Village of Ariiel

A Dubious Improvement to Leadership

The Establishment of Alenfay

Establishment of Talikus

Pirates and Thieves Change Targets