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Taipii Chefs Guild

The Taipii Chefs guild teaches safe cooking techniques and recipes, and is responsible for catering many Taipii festivals.


While the  Taipii Farming and Gathering Guild is tasked to "feed the Taipii", the Chefs Guild has made it their mission to "make food delicious".

Origin and Guild History

The Chefs Guild was first organized in the city of Lynnar after hundreds of Taipii got sick following the annual Lynnar Boating Competition. The number of Taipii who fell ill on the evening after the festival drew the attention of Lupan Goddess Fujika, who was able to trace the source of the illness to seafood skewers made from insufficiently cooked shellfish.

Faujiika brought the incident to the attention of the  Taipii Council, which ultimately led to a decision encourage the establishment of the Chefs Guild to document and teach the safe preparation of foods.

In modern times the head chef of all Taipii establishments which serve food (inns and taverns) are expected by patrons to be an educated member of the guild. In several of the Taipii cities the guild has been granted authority to stop food being served at an establishment if the chef or foods being prepared are deemed unsafe.

Guild Roles and Organization

Warning:Very work-in-progress brainstorming here. I'm going to list all the ideas for now and may prune this list down later as the guild takes shape more.

Daura au'Cho

A student of the guild who is not yet qualified to cook foods for the public on their own, but may do so with supervision.


Chefs are members of the guild who have been trained in the basics of safe food handling and are qualified to cook food at public establishments.

Sagousei Cho

A chef who has demonstrated mastery over several cooking techniques and tradition and is ideal for leading a kitchen staff.


The nutritionists are a special role in the guild which studies the contents of foods and their effects. Not all guild chapters have nutritionists in their ranks, but when present can teach students of the guild additional skills and a deeper understanding of foods.


Preservationists study how food can be safely stored and how to prevent food spoilage. This role was common in the guild's early history but waned as preservation techniques were discovered and became commonplace. The increased use of miiraun frost crystals to preserve foods has made this role largely unnecessary, although a few guilds still seek to innovate in preservation techniques.


Traditionalists seek to preserve the older Taipii traditions for cooking food while ensuring traditional cooking methods are safe. Traditionalists often share an opinion that the nomadic Taipii already knew how to safely cook foods, and that a chefs guild would not be necessary if Taipii chefs stuck to the traditional rituals. Traditionalists are often at odds with chefs who are more experimental and innovative in their kitchens.


Innovators seek to discover new cooking techniques and recipes. Innovators lean less on tradition and more on their guild training on the topics of food safety, nutrition, and flavors to create new and exciting dishes for the Taipii to sample.

Sagousei au'Jawoi Milo (Master of the Feast)

A Master of the Feast is specially trained for organizing and preparing large meals for Taipii feasts and festivals.

Guild Customs

Cooking Contests

Cooking contests are very popular among the guild and the Taipii, and each guild chapter a number of competitions it organizes each year. Some guild chapters will hold a contest for each of the six seasons.


It is common for members of the chefs guild to participate in fasting - typically before a large feast or festival to "ready their appetite". Some chefs believe they can taste food better after fasting.

Knife Throwing

A popular legend among guild chefs is of "Cho Hero da'Alenfay", which entails a mela kisan chef working in a small tavern popular only to locals in lower west Alenfay. The tavern was filled with local regulars who were tired after a long day's work harvesting rice in the steppes. As the tavern goers ate their evening meal the ceiling of the tavern suddenly collapsed, and a large serpent fell into the room threatening to attack the crowd. The kisan chef stepped out of the kitchen to see what the commotion was, and upon seeing the serpent threatening his patrons he took his chefs knife and threw it at the serpent's head - killing it instantly.

Based on the heroic story the chefs guilds organize an annual knife throwing contest where they hone their skills should the need for a hero ever arise again.

Relationships with other Guilds

Taipii Farming and Gathering Guild

The Chefs Guild has a slightly strained relationship with the Farming and Gathering Guild, due to early chefs in the guild competing with the Farming and Gathering guild in gathering rare wild spices. The guilds have reached an agreement that members of the Chefs Guild will not forage for foods (unless they are also a member of the Farming Guild), and that Farmers would sell their foods through the independent Merchants Guild to ensure fair access to foods and spices for all chefs.

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Taipii Fishing Guild

The Chefs guild maintains a good relationship with the fishing guild, buying fish directly from the guild or through the Merchants Guild.

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Taipii Merchants Guild

Most chefs buy foods through the Taipii Merchants guild, and the Chefs Guild places strict requirements on the Merchants guild for how they store and transport foods. While the guild does its best to maintain strong relationships with the Merchants guild failures to safely store food and resulting inspections by the Chefs guild has strained the relationship some.

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Guild Chapter Halls

Lynnar Chefs Guild Hall

The Lynnar chapter was the first established chapter of the Chefs Guild. The chapter includes members of the less common roles including nutritionists, preservationists, traditionalists, and innovators.

Maulei Beach Chefs Guild Hall

The Maulei Beach chapter is the newest guild chapter and includes a number of innovators eager to explore new foods which grow only on the Isle of Kasau. The Maulei Beach chapter holds an annual cooking competition which specializes in local favorites like roasted fire makachii, flavored porridges, and sweet faykala pie.