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The Chiikva

The Chiikva were an ancient race of dreamers who were the greatest architects and builders of their time. The race became Lost in a cataclysmic event that ruptured the Dream plane and resulted in the destruction of their entire civilization.

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Disposition Dreamers, Great Architects
Virtues Creative Visionaries
Vices Impatient, Excessively Ambitious, Impractical


Little is known about who the Chiikva were before the cataclysm that transformed the majority of them into nightmares.

Chiikva Nightmare Entities

It is believed that Chiikva who were visiting the Dream Plane during the cataclysm were overwhelmed by the Unknown Entities and many became Nightmare Entities. The fate of the Chiikva who were on the physical plane during the cataclysm remains a mystery.

Nightmare Ruins

After the cataclysm all Chiikva cities and outposts on Forra were placed inside of magic shields to prevent the spread of the Unknown Entities across Forra. The link between the physical plane and dream plane is warped around these ruins and they should not be entered.