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The Reisuii

The Reisuii are an industrious race who lives underground. Reisuii society is a functional dystopia of industry, cut-throat corporations, and steampunk-themed technology. The Reisuii are build basic steam machines and a few have mastered the use of Ether magic.

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Note:This information is a work in progress and subject to change.
Disposition Industry and Science
Virtues Industrious, Organized, Hard Working
Vices Ambition, Indifference, Greed


Note:This is a temporary list of bloodlines based on what is currently established.
  • Alesca (Rabbit-like features)
  • Betto (Sheep-like features)
  • Dallo (Otter-like features)
  • Elette (Squirrel-like features)
  • Nalette (Mouse-like features)
  • Pallena (Raccoon-like features)



The Corporations

Major Reisuii Corporations


Aggregate has a simple philosophy - buy, own, and control everything.

"Not everyone and everything is up for sale...
...but wait long enough and it will be...
...and when it is, Aggregate will buy it."
IN-A-CAN Incorporated

IN-A-CAN Inc. claims to be the premiere manufacturer of all things that can be sold in the form factor of a can. Reisuii consumers often comment that most of their products are mediocre or inferior to varieties of the same item that do not ship in a can, but generally "good enough".

IN-A-CAN is the second largest Reisuii corporation, owning the cities of , , , as well as numerous mines, resource outposts, and transportation systems.

Jynnsa Corporation

Possibly the manufacturer of Vacahrii Brand of products.

West Reisuii Mining Corporation


Joke Corporations?

Squeeklaunch Inc.
To-Do:I created that name in a Games and Nonsense post. Need to consider if I really want the Reisuii flying around in personal jetpacks. It is a bit "Rocketeer". I'd have to give credit for inspiring this.
Airo Shipworks

Makes airships. From a Discord challenge, of course.

CEO was established as Grynon Mushthorp, a "round Nalette".

Culture & Society


Social Norms

Philosophical Perspectives

The Corporate Doctrine

Owner & Management Perspective

Workers Perspective

The Defeated

These Reisuii have lost hope in the system, as well as any form or revolution that would improve their situation. This group includes a many Reisuii who were previously injured in industrial accidents and deemed unprofitable by the corporations. These Reisuii tend to be pushed out of areas with valuable real estate to form their own villages in places like abandoned mine-shafts. The high number of injured and elderly as well as frequent shake-downs by Reisuii security patrols "sniffing out terrorists" makes this group one of the more persecuted on Forra.

Revolutionists (Terrorists)

There have been many attempts at a revolution, primarily by those harmed and discarded by the corporations. They are regarded as terrorists by the Reisuii corporations, a perspective which wanes the further down the corporate ladder you go.



Industrial Machines

Portable Tools & Devices