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Felo God Reimasou da'Orliia

Reimasou is the Felo god. Reimasou was a scavenger on Orliia, and now searches for his lost tribe, the Cheijii.

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Reimasou is originally a scavenger in Orliia, one of a select few individuals who are permitted to enter The Forbidden Lands and return with valuable resources that have become scarce in The Wandering Lands.

Because the Felo gods stayed back until the very last boat to abandon the fight in Orliia, Reimasou does not travel with his tribe, the Cheijii. The boat carrying the Cheijii tribe is lost at sea in trip, and signs of an early winter storm where the Taipii arrive in Lantros prevents him and the other Gods from engaging in an effective search for them at the time. The loss of the tribe inspires the name for the city of Lantros, but leaves an emotional scar on Reimasou that he occasionally tries to sort out.

Positive Traits: Practical, Self-Reliant, Highly Experienced in Dangerous Environments, Methodical
Negative Traits: TBD, Stuck on the Past
Physical Description:Male Felo (cat-like). Reimasou’s has dark warm-gray fur (almost black) with gold spots.
Clothing: On Orliia Reimasou would wear gear appropriate for scavenging - well-fitted pants and shirt with various pouches for essential gear. Reimasou would avoid loose-fitting elements that could get snagged on the terrain and pockets/pouches that could lose their contents if he were to hang upside down. He tends to wear dark-colored clothing out of habit from his days scavenging, where stealth was important. As a God Reimasou still dresses in a similar manner, except with a bit more color and his garments tend to be of higher quality and with elements of hard and leathery chitin armor.
Arms: Reimasou carries a variety of knives and a short bow. All of Reimasou’s arms are small enough that they can be worn without moving or snagging on anything.