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Taipii Explorers Guild

The Taipii Explorers Guild (or possibly Historical or Archeologist Guild) is an adventurous guild which sets out to explore the world of Forra

Note:This page is a stub to gather information into.
Info:The Explorers guild will reward the player for providing information on the location of Information Markers, Exploration Markers, Takadynns, and other points of interest. They may also provide quests where a player has to help an NPC reach a point of interest.
Info:The Explorers guild has a lot of information and interest in the early Nomadic Taipii Scavengers. Some try to recapture that lifestyle through the guild, going on great adventures to far away places while carrying very little.
Info:Among the first guilds established in Lantros shortly after the Orliian Exodus. It was involved with the original exploration of Antilia, with new aspirations to fully map and explore The Rim of the Antilian Plane, the Floating Islands, and  The Deep.
Info:The Explorers guild debated exploration of  The Isle of Kasau, but were forbidden from doing so by the gods and guild leadership. A few of those who organized the  Kasau Expedition were members of the guild.