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Community Guidelines

These are the rules the moderators will apply both here on website as well as on Discord chat.

1. Do not post personal information in group chat.

Please be mindful of what you share regarding your online identity, real-world identity, and personal information.

2. Do not post about real-world religion, politics, or other sensitive topics.

Touchy subjects such as real-world religion and politics are interesting, but tend to cause argument and poor chat friendliness, please take these conversations to personal chats.

3. No excessive swearing.

Try not to go crazy with your rainbow language.

4. Sexual content is not welcome, the chat is PG rated.

Sexual content, no matter how much some of us do or don’t like it, is not suitable for a PG-rated group chat. All content posted to the website should family friendly.

5. Keep your opinions on other people’s existence to yourself; show respect.

Do not post hateful remarks against any race, religion, culture, sub-culture, species, gender, or sexual orientation.

6. Personal insults, spamming, extreme complaining or argument, and other such poor-form chat practices will not be tolerated.

Friendly discussion is welcome, but moderators are free to intervene if they think discussions are getting too heated.