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The Avora

The Avora were once a powerful race of magic users whose civilization became divided and Lost in a cataclysmic event. The Avora bloodlines have bird-like features and can fly.

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Note:This information is a work in progress and subject to change.
Disposition Miiraun Magic, Flying Vehicles and Platforms
Virtues Organization, Caution, Wisdom
Vices Pursuit of Power, Power Hierarchy, Distrust toward Dreamers


Note:The Avorian bloodlines have not yet been named, but will include variations that resemble owls, sparrows, eagles or hawks, and more.

The Chatoi Order

The Avora is heavily divided between those that are members of the Chatoi Order and those that oppose or refuse to participate in it. The Chatoi Order is a military hierarchy that is engaged in an endless war against the Chiikva Nightmares and considers all users of dream magic a threat to safety on Forra.