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Taipii Gods and Goddesses

The Taipii Gods and Goddesses include ten Taipii individuals with an extraordinary ability to hold and use magic. These abilities were bestowed upon them by a magical device in the Sans au'Sul.


All of the Taipii Gods and Goddesses were originally of the . After an unknown number of years peacefully migrating across the high continent of Oriila, ten Taipii individuals were selected from across the tribes to receive a message of warning. The message led them into the , where they discovered (or were taught) how to use the magics. There quest concluded with information about the goals of the Chatoi and the danger their tribes were in.

To escape the threat posed by the Chatoi, the Taipii fled Orliia via floating ships to the lower continent of Antilia. Arriving just in time for winter, the Taipii were forced to improvise ways to survive a winter after landing in the unfamiliar land. The ten who learned magic in the Forbidden Lands reveal their secret, and begin providing a variety of magic devices to aid in gathering resources, building, and staying warm.

Some time later the ten are reunited to solve a troubling mystery that started for them in the Forbidden Lands about a missing gateway. They discover the , a large magical device near the future city of . Mistaking a magical device as the gateway, the ten activate the device and are nearly killed.

After a few months of recovery, the ten to begin to notice the strange effects the magical device had upon them. Most notably, that their capacity to hold Miiraun energy was now expanded about a thousand fold. By holding life energy they discovered they no longer seemed to age. Legends and stories began to develop from the events leading them to Antilia. As it became apparent that the ten were not aging or dying like everyone else, the other Taipii began to look to them as leaders, role models, and eventually gods.

Peace of the Gods

After the ten received their powers from the Sans au'Sul and as the were transitioning into , the Kisan gods Rakadynn and Fausaila led in the construction of a large palace hall and named it The Palace of the Gods. For a time, all of the gods stayed there and had numerous private discussions about their responsibilities and how they should lead the Taipii. These efforts led to frustration and fractures between the ten. The Kisan gods argued for arms training and strong defensive strategies against the Chatoi. Naumayus argued that the banning of Dream magic had sufficiently resolved the Chatoi threat, and that the Taipii should be taught to govern themselves. Machiiara would only express concerned about a threat from the undiscovered gateway and emphasize the need to learn more about magic and their world. Zoukajynn was troubled by how magic lead to the downfall of the cities in the Forbidden Lands, and organized a return to the nomadic lifestyle to become .

Without reaching any agreement on how the Taipii should be governed, a simpler agreement was reached - that the Taipii Gods and Goddesses promise to treat each other as family and keep peace among themselves and whomever follows them.

List of Taipii Gods and Goddesses

Felo God Reimasou da'Orliia

Reimasou is the Felo god. Reimasou was a scavenger on Orliia, and now searches for his lost tribe, the Cheijii.

Felo Goddess Machiiara da'Orliia

Machiiara is the Felo Goddess. She currently leads the Darau au’Lii and seeks solutions to the magical problems on Forra.

Kisan God Rakadynn da'Orliia

Rakadynn is the Kisan God. He was originally a tribe leader on Orliia, and now resides in the Kisan Palace in Lantros. By his nature, Rakadynn will not take sides on an issue until he feels all sides of an argument have been explored and expressed. Rakadynn sees himself as a paternal figure caring for and guiding his people.

Kisan Goddess Fausaila da'Orliia

Fausaila is the Kisan Goddess, and General of the Taipii Guard.

Koro God Zoukajynn da'Orliia

Zoukajynn is the Koro God. Worried that the Taipii would become overly reliant on the magics and join the lost races, Zoukajynn established the Tasiiama. He has shunned his magical abilities and established the rules of the tribes as a means to protect the original Taipii culture.

Koro Goddess Rakiiso da'Orliia

Rakiiso is the Koro Goddess. She is a student of archeology and frequently travels the world with the Tasiiama tribes for an opportunity to find new archeological sites to explore.

Lupan God Naumayus da'Orliia

Naumayus is the Lupan god. Naumayus believes the Taipii are better served when encouraged to determine and pursue for themselves their well-being.

Lupan Goddess Faujiika da'Orliia

Faujiika is the Lupan Goddess. While the other gods explore the world and expand their understanding of it, Faujiika struggles to understand her own purpose and why she was chosen to become a goddess.

Vulan God Kutaun da'Orliia

The Vulan God Kutaun is considered a disreputable god, allowing himself to be drawn into the vices of the Taipii instead of standing against them.

Vulan Goddess Vacharii da'Orliia

Publicly the Goddess Vacharii appears to be spoiled, dim-witted, and vain. Outside of the public eye Vacharii is extremely observant and subtly manipulates the Taipii world in ways she believes to be better for them.