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Tasiiama Trials

If a Taipii wishes to join the Tasiiama or when one of their young comes of age they are required to undergo the Tasiiama Trials before they are accepted as a member. Each of the tribes have created their own set of trials, and sometimes it will be suggested that a Tasiiama who is experiencing some difficulty make camp with another tribe for a time and pass a trial that may teach them a needed lesson.

Among the Tasiiama recognition and responsibility comes after proving oneself via the successful completion of trials. Typically tribe members will wait until they are challenged by the tribe to preform a trial. Occasionally a trial will be held by the tribe if a tribe member requests it.

Each trial has a set of conditions that must be met for the trial to be considered successful.

Common Tasiiama Trials

Farii au'Vabou

The Farii au'Vabou (Trial of the Wilderness) is the first trial a Tasiiama wanting to become a Hunter will undergo. The goal is to survive unaided for a period of 12 days.

After stripping the Tasiiama of all items and leading them to the grounds on which they will be tested, the Tasiiama will be instructed thusly:

For your trial you will speak to no one.
For your trial no one shall speak to you.

As your forebears before you, you arrive at this land with nothing.

From nothing you will find water.
From nothing you will find food.
From nothing you will find clothing.
From nothing you will build shelter.
(From nothing you will take arms.)
(From nothing you will make fire.)

The eyes of your tribe are upon you should you stumble.
The eyes of your tribe are upon you should you succeed.

As your forebears before you, go now and thrive.

For the Tasiiama to be considered successful they must at the end of the 12 days have built shelter, fashioned clothing, found water for themselves, and successfully found food either from foraging, fishing, or hunting. Some tribes further require that the Tasiiama build a fire and/or craft a weapon for self defense.

Upon completing this trial for their first time a Tasiiama will usually receive a Tasiiama Dagger of Rite.

Special Tasiiama Trials

In addition to the commonly shared trials, some Tasiiama tribes have added their own trials

Farii au'Nisom

The Farii au'Nisom (Trial of the Mountain) is a particularly difficult trial, typically recommended to Tasiiama who become overly fond or reliant upon a set of possession. The trial lasts only so long as it takes to venture into the Fayn Sires Mountains, follow a winding valley path, and finally climb to the top of a tall mountain peak.

The Tasiiama is accompanied for the trip, and only allowed to keep the items which they choose to carry all the way to the summit.

Seafarer Trials

Farii au'Bou

The Farii au'Bou (Trail of the Sea) is similar to the Farii au'Vabou, except that it starts at sea. In this case the Tasiiama starts in a kayak or small rowboat and is allowed a few tools to start with. The purpose of this trial is to assess that the Seafarer can survive should they be lost alone at sea.

The Tasiiama is expected to seek land immediately, and will usually start someplace where they can reach hospitable islands or the Antilian Outer Rim. They are shadowed by a small craft carrying observers from their tribe who will follow them to land and observe how well they survive after their ordeal at sea.