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New Antilia Screenshots and Toi Landscape Tool

Thursday, October 12, 2017 1:46pm
Lead Developer
Greetings everyone, it's time for another update on Antilia! I am not the kind of person that is content with talking about or merely dreaming up ideas, I also enjoy the process of making ideas into reality. For this blog post I had decided some time ago that it needed to include new screenshots of Antilia itself and not just our editing tools. It is very exciting to see the hard work put into the development tools begin to yield results that we can view directly in Antilia’s game client. We have not presented new screenshots of Antilia since the MMO, and for the development team this is an exciting milestone.

I’m extremely encouraged by the progress we’ve made in several past months and it is still our goal to resume alpha-testing in 2018.

New screenshots of Antilia

It was surprising how much effort it took to reassemble the pieces required to produce these screenshots. While many of these pieces are familiar or similar to their counterparts in the Antilia MMO, we are taking the opportunity to give many of these systems the second pass they had long been in need of.

((Full-resolution version available here:

In order for the new screenshots to really convey that they were screenshots of Antilia (and not just a landscape demo) we set a couple goals. The first of those goals was that the scene would be loaded and controlled by the Simulation Engine. Secondly the new screenshots had to include an animated Antilia character.

Antilia’s characters from the MMO had grown quite complex - a collection of partial meshes and textures that must be carefully combined in order to render a character. To achieve this some time had to be spent rebuilding and improving our systems that composite Antilia’s unique characters.

((A brief excerpt from a game data file that describes to the engine how to build Antilia's characters.))

Once our tools were able to produce new landscapes, the next challenge was to begin assembling new content in the game and walk around in the environment to get a sense of what is and isn’t working well. Scale is surprisingly complex, as it affects not just the overall size of the gameworld that can be explored, but also how frequently the game engine must load in new scene data.

((Full-resolution version available here:

Having a moving character helps significantly in understanding the sense of scale from the player’s perspective, and gave us the opportunity to begin work improving Antilia’s movement system.

((I also spent some time improving the ocean shaders. Full-resolution version available here:

Toi Studio Landscape Tool

In order to create the world of Antilia with the sense of scale we are aiming for, we realized early in the year that we would need a much better tool for creating Antilia’s diverse landscapes. Our new Toi Landscape tool allows us to create detailed terrain with the ease of drawing a map. While I don’t want Antilia to be a procedurally generated world, I see great potential in using controlled procedural generation as an artistic tool.

((Full-resolution version available here:

The new tools and screenshots have energized the development team, and everyone is excited to begin creating the world of Forra with the new tool.

There are more exciting updates planned for the upcoming months, including a video in which we will use the Landscape Tool to collaboratively design the landmass of Forra, and screenshots of a new gameplay system.

Stay Tuned!

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