Weekly Update - Tree Fade, Bug Fixes

Last week I focused on testing and fixing bugs in preparation for the upcoming video, and managed to implement a few small improvements I've been wanting.

Bug Fixes

The primary goal last week was to do a bit of testing and address items that were likely to get in the way of capturing footage for the upcoming video. Here's a short list of items that were addressed:

  • FIXED: Bad collision geometry on bridges and piers were allowing characters to slip through gaps.
  • FIXED: Bad audio gain fall-off settings for various objects including the firepit and fishing sounds. (They were playing loudly even when far away)
  • FIXED: Sounds and particle effects for food cooking on grill were not appearing/playing sometimes.
  • FIXED: Path-finding issue regarding the eastern bridge in the Bamboo Gardens.
  • FIXED: Jidou walk animations sometimes wouldn't play properly.
  • FIXED: Items displayed on tables float a noticeable distance above the tables.
  • FIXED: Fish floats appear floating above the water surface when cast by an NPC.
  • FIXED: Removed spoiled fish/foods from crates and prevent characters from eating spoiled foods. (Doing so fills up their stomach so they can't eat more, but doesn't restore energy.)
  • FIXED: Characters were still foraging for fruit even when cooked fish was available.

Tree Transition Fade

For some time now trees have 'popped' abruptly between LOD levels, and I feel it's been a bit of an eyesore in previous videos. I added a basic dissolve transition between LOD levels, and it helps some. Admittedly there is still room for improvement.

Path Clutter

And finally, on a whim I decided to try adding rocks along the edges of paths in the Bamboo Gardens. I was hoping it would help 'hide' some of the aliasing in the splat maps, but perhaps it just makes matters worse on that front. But I do like the look of the stone 'outlining' the paths.

There are still a few items listed on my whiteboard that I'll try to address this week, and I hope to start collecting footage as well.