Weekly Update - Website Fixes, Lexicon Content

This week I made improvements to the website, and roughed in more pages to the lexicon!

This week was the first of a two-week break from programming. Or at least, that was the theory.

I planned to work on the lore, do some creative writing - that sort of thing this week. That worked for a few days, but once I started adding lore to the website I found myself back in another development environment. Ah well, it is still a nice change of pace after the 'crunch time' leading up to an update video.

Markup Improvements

  • Added markup to embed YouTube videos
  • Added new markup for rendering the "banner style" page links and custom lists of pages
  • Improved quote markup
  • Fixed super annoying issue with the table markup
  • Added new markup for rendering user panels, like this:

And probably a bunch of other stuff I'm forgetting. In short, a lot of fixing bugs as I encountered issues while adding content.

The TaipiiScript Generator is Back

The old TaipiiScript generator is back online, available here: TaipiiScript Generator

I plan to add markup for rendering the different in-game scripts on the website in time, but it's not a priority at the moment and I've been wanting this tool back. It is been requested a few times for our chat games on Discord.

New Web Content

I spent quite a bit of time pouring over the old Antilia Website and numerous other sources of old lore information that's become scattered over the years. I'm gathering all the good stuff together and starting to fill in the lexicon with them. A lot of what I'm looking through is outdated or conflicts in subtle ways as details have changed or been forgotten over the years, and I plan to grind through more of it this week adding it to the website here. A lot of what I've been doing thus far is just putting together an outline of pages to receive all the content. There are also some concerns about spoilers - but part of me would prefer the information gets sorted through and organized than worry about what I potentially "spoil". If I need to I can hide spoilers using the 'comment' markup and the information won't render on the page until we're ready for it.

Regarding spoilers, I have been considering a system whereby the Antilia client could notify the website on various conditions like clicking on a Takadynn or Exploration Marker via the AntiliaLink system. Then I could use a bit of markup to only show some content to users that have unlocked the condition. It wouldn't be a bullet-proof system (cheat-proof). It would just be an automated anti-spoilers system for new visitors to the site and players that like the idea of exploring Antilia and occasionally being notified that there is new lore for them in the in-game Lexicon and/or Website (the two will be tied together eventually).

Note:All the pages linked below are a work-in-progress. Most pages are still blank or incomplete. Some contain outdated information.

There still isn't a whole lot to look at yet, but here are a few specific pages that I'm currently working on:

  • I'm in the process of organizing information about  The Isle of Kasau. I got about half-way through this document late last night and will resume work on it later this week.
  • I added some loose notes to  The Reisuii. Still very work-in-progress right now with empty headers and such.
  • I laid out pages in  The Magics section of the lexicon. There are some hints at the nature of the refined  Miiraun Spectrum featuring  Decay and  Renewal and pages outlining the elements in case you haven't picked up on those from previous screenshots including Miiraun Crystals in the inventory.

That's probably it for the real highlights. If you click around a bit you might discover other pages like  the attributes page in the  Guides and Documentation. I'm thinking I might combine a few of those reducing the number to 10.

Additionally there are some additional pages that are not lore-related that received additional attention:

There's a lot to do in order to get the website ready for alpha testing, so I plan to continue working on the site and content this week as well.