Weekly Update - AI Behavior Editor is Functioning!

For the past few weeks I've been working on the AI behavior editor, and this week I am happy to report that it is now functional!

AI Behavior Editor

The exciting news this week is that the AI Behavior Editor is now functional! That means that not only can I design and save behaviors with it, but also when I change and save a behavior all creatures and NPCs that use that behavior will be updated.

What I don't have just yet is my full selection of behavior nodes. The vast majority of those still need an update so that they'll appear in the editor, and as I do so I'm also tuning how the behaviors work to be a little more consistent.

Behavior nodes can now be linked together, and properties can be set! (This behavior is nonsense if you try to follow it, I was just testing that nodes link together here.)

I have a small but growing selection of nodes right now. There are still many more that need to be updated with icons and descriptions so that they'll appear in the editor.

Input Parameters and Functions

As I mentioned above I still have a bit more work to do on the editor. You might notice the nodes have "properties" which you can manually set in the right-hand panel, but I'd also like to add some "function" nodes that add even more flexibility. For example the "Detect Targets" node might provide a list of detected targets on the right hand side of the node's panel. A function might read that list in and determine the nearest target (or use some other criteria to select one from the list), and then provide another output that could be plugged into the input of another node.

Once I have the editor in good working order and with a good variety of nodes to work with I'll continue our plans to add combat to Antilia next. This editor will be used to start developing and refining behaviors for iichii, jidou, racha, and Taipii Defenders!

That's all for this week, thanks for reading!