Weekly Update - AMD Radeon Support, Development Pause

Last week I solved a variety of bugs and glitches when running Antilia on an AMD Radeon card, but now need to place Antilia development on a temporary pause.

AMD Radeon Fixes

Last week I installed an AMD Radeon 580 card to debug some issues that were reported on it. For one Antilia was consistently crashing approximately 15 seconds after entering the game, and secondly there were a number of graphical bugs related to the deferred shading pipeline on Radeon cards. Some objects were rendering black, shadows weren't working correctly (which meant atmospheric rays weren't either), and some objects were rendering at full brightness all the time.

The crash and most of the other graphical glitches have now been resolved, and along the way I made some long-planned improvements to the deferred shading pipeline that improve lighting on both AMD and NVIDIA cards.

These images were rendered using the Deferred Shading Pipeline on an AMD Radeon 580.

There is still one glitch remaining where in certain locations and at certain angles strange patterns will appear on the terrain. I'm not sure what is causing that one yet, I'll have to continue to study it more to figure out what is happening there.

This strange pattern will occasionally appear on the terrain from specific positions and angles - I'm still trying to determine what is causing this.

Development Pause

I need to place Antilia on a temporary development pause while I tend to some family needs for a while. The situation requires a lot of energy and I don't want to burn myself out trying to do too much. There won't be any weekly updates during the pause and Patreon billing will be paused as well. The year-end video will likely be delayed. I know this isn't the news anyone wants to hear considering how slow Antilia's development is already, but I need to do this and it is only temporary.

That's all for this week. Thanks for reading, and I will look forward to resuming work on Antilia Soon (tm).