Weekly Update - More Web Content and Fixes

This was the second week of my c++ programming break, and as a change of pace I continued work on the lexicon and website!

I am a bit surprised how much time and effort it has taken to sort through the old lore information and track down images for the new pages. One thing I didn't take enough time to do over my break was to sit down and write some new short stories or story chapters. When it comes to creating new lore for Antilia that has provided more fruitful than the encyclopedic style writing of a lexicon. I have an appointment later this week that will require a bit of a wait, hopefully I'll get a chance to do some creative writing then.

I'm considering a change in my weekly planning to regularly include a bit of programming progress, new in-game content, and new lore content on the website. If I could get a little of each of those into these weekly updates I think it would be interesting.

Meanwhile, it is good to see the website running with fewer bugs and at least a few more pages of organized information. Here are the highlights for the week:

User Flairs and Badges

User panels now include optional Flair text and badge icons, as demonstrated here on a few user panels:

Check out the User List to see more of them in action!

Compare Versions on Wiki Pages

Some sections of the website including the  Lexicon are built using a wiki model. Considering the amount of work involved to clearly write, organize, and proofread the information I hope to get others involved in that process Soon (tm). To help make that possible that I finished up a compare versions feature which I had started to implement before, but never fully deployed.

Sample of the compare changes view for wiki pages

This feature will make it easier to see what contributors have changed and verify the changes look good.

Info:You must be logged in to view the compare versions page.

Markup Improvements and Bug Fixes

There were numerous small changes and fixes I made across several pages of the website.

  • Fixed problem that was preventing emails from being sent out for sign-up and the "forgot my password" page
  • The Community Activity view is back, which displays all activity on the site.
  • The comments section of wiki pages has been fixed
  • The index that appears on the left now expand/contract correctly when viewing wiki pages
  • Fixed the broken page numbers that were appearing in a few places.

Featured Page

And finally, here are a wiki page that received extra attention last week:

  •  The Kasau Expedition - a page outlining the events that occurred over the course of the Antilia MMO. This is probably one of the most complete pages in the lexicon now, and a fun trip down memory lane for those that played the MMO.

There were many more pages which I added last week and then gathered and organized information into, but those aren't ready for presentation yet. I'm going to hold off linking to them in this update, and highlight pages only when they have significant new information to explore.