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Commitment to Immersion

We're committed to keeping Antilia free of intrusive in-game advertising, manipulative game designs, micro-transactions, NFTs, and real-world politics.

The purpose of Antilia is to provide entertainment and community, and to share experiences together in a virtual fantasy world. The developer(s) wish for you to have an enjoyable time in Antilia, and while we can't promise you won't encounter a bug or AI behaviors that break immersion at times, we can commit to the following:

Developer's Policy for Monetization

It is the desire of the developer(s) to build and maintain a healthy relationship with Antilia's players and community. That said, in order to provide this service there are costs to be accounted for including compensating developers for their time, Internet bandwidth, and running servers including this website and services for multiplayer.

The developer(s) agree to avoid the following unhealthy monetization practices:

  • Game design techniques that have an intent of manipulating players to spend real-world money (so-called "pay to win")
  • Micro-transactions and in-game stores using real-world currencies
  • Cryptocurrency schemes and NFTs
Info:While in development Antilia is being funded by its creators and community via Antilia's Patreon Page.

As development continues the backer reward tiers may change to include access to additional services which the developers can not otherwise afford to offer to Antilia's testing community free of charge.

Contributing via Patreon will not be required for access to initial alpha builds on the Isle of Kasau.

We will continue to work with the community and our Patreon backers to offer the services we can before Antilia enters any period of paid "early access".

Developer's Policy regarding Political and Religious Topics

It is not the purpose of Antilia to promote or discourage a political or religious perspective or ideology. The world of Antilia is a work of fiction, and is not intended to be commentary on or representative of any real-world groups or organizations. The developers recognize that they are themselves influenced by their local culture and are not suggesting that Antilia is free from culture influence. Antilia is a work of free speech by people who are themselves playing, experimenting, learning, and growing.

As stated in our Community Guidelines, discussions regarding real-world sex, politics, and religion are not permitted on our website or in our Discord chat server.

Note:Antilia's long-term development plans include allowing players to modify the game and host their own servers. The developer(s) have no capability nor intent to moderate chat or content which is created or hosted outside of our official servers.

The developer(s) intend for Antilia to be a computer-driven fantasy world simulation in which the player(s) can influence the outcome of a variety of events and conflicts. The simulated "people" involved are not real, and non of it should be taken seriously.