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2. Links

Markup documentation for creating internal and external links.

Links come in two flavors - internal and external. Internal links reference another page within this site, and provide some additional features over external links.

Internal Links

An internal link is indicated by double-square brackets around the 'short' location of a page. This location can often be found in the top-right of pages within the site.

Like our previous website, all content on this site has a 'page id'. For example, the id of this page is markup/links. To create a link, simply place two sets of square braces around the page id, like this: [[markup/links]]. Note that not all pages on this site are wiki pages, and because of this simply placing the page title inside of the square braces won't work.

Internal links can include an optional title which will override the page's title.

Style Markup Sample
Simple [[lexicon/home]]  Lexicon Home
With Title [[lexicon/home|Read the Lexicon!]]  Read the Lexicon!
Info:If you create an internal link to a page that does not exist, it will appear in red. If the missing page is within a wiki style section of the website, clicking on it will prompt you to create the missing page.

External Links

External links will be indicated by an icon and gold color. The moderators of this site may choose to disable external links to sites which are not appropriate.

Style Markup Sample
Simple [[]]
With Title [[|Antilia Homepage]] Antilia Homepage
Note: To create an external link, either http:// or https:// must be specified in the url.