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Hi, I'm jeff, the Lead Developer of Antilia. I started working on Antilia long, long ago after having some particularly memorable and otherworldly dreams.

Game Development

I fell in love with video games and computing in the 8-bit era. In 3rd grade I wrote my first computer game - a maze game inspired by Pac-Man draw out by moving text characters around the screen. I began learning the 'c' language over the summer before entering high-school, and developed numerous 2D and 3D (ray-cast) DOS games throughout my school years. After schooling I continued doing Windows development and created several prototype 3D game engines using DirectX.

Having created many smaller games I decided I wanted a project that I could continue to build on for an extended time, which led to Antilia.

I spent a short time working in the game industry on the title Earth Eternal, but didn't find much opportunity to express my creativity doing that.

Antilia is my big project, but I also work on smaller games sometimes using engines like pico-8.

Developer Perspective

Antilia has become my passion project. Across programming, design, writing, art, and animation - Antilia continually challenges me to keep learning and growing.

Antilia's Toi Engine has its flaws, the project has had its setbacks, and practically everything could use yet another development pass... but I am proud of how Antilia has come along.