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Design, build, and expand your own custom structures in the world!

Every character and NPC in Antilia needs a home - a place to store their possessions, eat and relax, and of course sleep.

Note:We plan to include Structures as a feature in the Fishing Alpha. This system is in development and not yet fully functional.

Antilia features a dynamic structure system with "building pads" which are scattered across Forra and abundant in cities. To build or expand a structure a character must first claim or purchase the lot. After purchasing a lot a structure can be built and expanded upon it. Structures require resources such as stone, wood, and metal for expansions, maintenance, and repair.

Our plan for structures in Antilia will include a variety of buildings styles and can be furnished with interactive objects such as crafting workstations and storage. In the future we would like to expand structures with features such as room designations and businesses.

Screenshot of the current "work-in-progress" structure editor in Antilia.