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About Antilia

The Taipii

he Taipii are builders of wondrous cities, artists and crafters of beautiful works, chefs of delicious food, and performers of amazing feats of grace and acrobatics. The Taipii seek peace and enjoyment on Forra, and have developed a rich culture through their creativity and adaptiveness. With the discovery of powerful magic-bearing crystals, the Taipii have integrated magic into nearly every art, craft, and profession.

Driven from their nomadic territories on Orliia by a terrifying enemy, the Taipii sailed across the Southern Sea in makeshift boats and landed on a long peninsula on the southeast side of a large continent. Abandoning their nomadic lifestyle in favor of building a fortified city for protection, the Taipii civilization and culture flourishes in the abundance of Antilia.

Disposition: Art
Virtues: Adaptive, Compassionate, Creative
Vices: Theft, Gambling

Taipii Bloodlines

The Kisan

The Kisan gods were the beginning of the Taipii, awakening in a stream of magic known as Miirahn on the continent of Orliia.

The Kisan god-pair formed an governmental Monarchy in the Taipii's early history, although their power has waned since arriving on Antilia. Kisans tend to have a no-nonsense, get tasks done attitude.

Kisan God Rakadynn da'Orliia is level-headed and firm. Rakadynn has seen the Taipii through good times and hard, and knows the taste of failure from the exodus from Orliia.

Kisan Goddess Fausaila da'Orliia takes her role seriously, and can be a little hot-headed. Fausaila takes a no-nonsense approach to keeping the Taipii on course, and is concerned for the preservation of Taipii honor and culture. It is said that when Fausaila enters the room, even the other gods sit up straight.

The Lupan

The Lupan blood is the second oldest bloodline, and is often associated with strength, teamwork, and communication. The Lupan god-pair push for a democratic government where all bloodlines are equally represented, which often puts them at odds with the Kisan Monarchy.

Lupan God Naumayus da'Orliia is outspoken and fair, and works with Faujiika to organize and arrange meetings for the Taipii Council. Naumayus founded the Taipii Guard, who patrol all Taipii cities except Lantros.

Lupan Goddess Faujiika da'Orliia believes strongly in the power of teamwork, and frequently travels across Antilia trying to persuade gods and guilds to participate in the Taipii Council.

The Koro

Taipii with Koro blood are easily recognized by their unusual physical features: hooves, antlers, and a shorter tail. The Koro god-pair became disenchanted with the political maneuvering of the other gods, and instead promote a philosophy of honor, dignity, and respect toward fellow Taipii, Miirahn, and Sul. Those with Koro blood tend to be level-headed, agile, and graceful.

Koro God Zoukajynn da'Orliia loves the wilderness of Antilia, and follows the Tasiiama - the nomadic lifestyle of the Taipii on Orliia. Zoukajynn is patient and kind, sharing in the chores and customs of the older Taipii culture.

Koro Goddess Rakiiso da'Orliia wanders Antilia with Zoukajynn and the Tasiiama, and has a nervous disposition. Rakiiso dislikes politics and the political games engaged in by the other Taipii gods, and strives to be helpful and approachable.

The Felo

The Felo bloodline is marked by individuals that are capable, quick-witted, but also a bit solitary. The Felo god-pair value individuality and independence, which they pursue through more subtle means than most gods. Felo is a well-rounded bloodline, and while proud and capable, Felos don't tend to handle tasks well if they require teamwork.

Felo God Reimasou da'Orliia is elusive and secretive. While Reimasou does not take a strong visible lead in politics, his influence reaches far, and his hand in things is difficult to see. It isn't known if he shares the objectives of his goddess, Machiiara.

Felo Goddess Machiiara da'Orliia is intelligent, outspoken, and the architect of many complex political plans. Few Taipii can discern her motives or objectives - and fewer still want to be wrapped in her schemes.

The Vulan

Vulan blood is associated with cleverness, playfulness, and beauty. The Vulan god-pair live in Ariiel - enjoying its freedoms while guiding the Taipii at their worst with a light hand. Those with Vulan blood are simultaneously admired for their beauty and distrusted for their craftiness.

Vulan God Kutaun da'Orliia is considered a disreputable god, allowing himself to be drawn into the vices of the Taipii instead of standing against them.

Vulan Goddess Vacharii da'Orliia, while beautiful, is openly self-indulgent and disinterested in performing any duty as a goddess of the Taipii. In an elaborate palace in Ariiel, she surrounds herself with obscene luxury, drawing the ire of the other gods.

Magic & Technology


Shortly after arriving on Antilia and founding the city of Lynnar, a vault filled with crystallized Miirahn was found in The Deep under The Gales Mountains. These crystals made it possible for average Taipii to create magical weaves in the same manner as the gods.

While several of the gods worked to return the crystals to their hold, the utility and insights of the crystals into the secrets of Forra outweighed the gods' wishes. The Felo gods insisted upon and arranged for the crystals to be studied, and in spite of the dangers, their use and availability in Taipii society became commonplace.


While the most common means of travel for the Taipii is still by foot - the Taipii do use a few additional means of travel:

  • Koura: There are several species of koura, such as the Jidou, which are tame and intelligent enough to be ridden or used to carry heavy loads.
  • Carriages and Carts: Taipii merchants often utilize carts or carriages to transport their wares between villages.
  • Ships: Between coastal cities, the fastest route is often the sea, and the Taipii have become masters at crafting beautiful seafaring ships.
  • Magical Teleportation: Through a device known as the Takadynn, a Taipii can instantly travel long distances - although it often leaves the traveler feeling sick and drained of their energy.


The Taipii can make a variety of potions and balms through alchemy. The potions can have a variety of effects, from healing wounds and curing poisons, to temporarily boosting endurance and abilities.


The Taipii craft elegant but simple weapons through skills such as blacksmithing and woodworking. Taipii weapons are built from components such as blades, poles, handles, and hilts. These parts are designed to be interchangeable, and some weapons can be further enhanced with the addition of magical crystals.

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