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About Antilia

The Sakii

he Hsakanadrynn, or Sakii, are among the longest-lived creatures on Forra. The Sakii have mastered the arts of transmutation and multiple forms - and are among the most powerful creatures on Forra. In their true form, the Sakii rule the skies, while their elemental forms allow them to weave magic that rivals the gods. In the most beautiful, remote places on Forra, the Sakii nest in tribes, and within their minds, they explore Forra across all of its magical planes.

Disposition: Spirituality & Meditation
Virtues: Powerful, Knowledgeable, Preserving
Vices: Ritualism, Resistance to Change

Note: The Sakii are a planned expansion of Antilia, and are not available for play in the Alpha test. The culture and lore of the Sakii is still being written, and this article will be expanded with more details when they are available.
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