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About Antilia

The Reisuii

he Reisuii are brilliant problem-solvers and masters of machinery. Living in the sprawling underground caverns of Forra known as "The Deep", the Reisuii have become industrious miners - mastering the power of steam and explosives. For generations the Reisuii have been content to harvest resources underground, but a new generation is venturing out of the mines, intent on finding new resources and building new machines to explore the surface.

Disposition: Science & Business
Virtues: Industrious, Clever, Productive
Vices: Ambition, Greed

Note: The Reisuii are a planned expansion of Antilia, and are not available for play in the Alpha test. The culture and lore of the Reisuii is still being written, and this article will be expanded with more details when they are available.
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