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About: I am a busy student, and I have rarely any time to do all the things I aspire. Luckily, I decided on using the time I have to do the most useful thing any medical student can -- MMORPGs, and Game Modification. MMOrpgs - Festering hate-holes. I have yet to find one that doesn't have those who play for any reason other than to troll. They are incredibly addicting, and I have found myself in the jaws of so many of them that I'm beginning to wonder if there is no end. The real problem lies in my general interests. Most MMOs have what I crave. That is, conflict that involve problems that spur from imaginary scenarios in an imaginary world. They don't contain anthropomorphic denizens that take politics, and conflict to a whole new level. I have seen human politics in my studies, and it has grown stale. A new world with a new history is what keeps me interested in MMOs, and what keeps my eye on Antilia.
Interests: Role Playing - Team Warfare, because it is better to die in the arms of comrades than alone. Fantasy Economics, I pride myself in understanding the INs and Outs of the value of money in imaginary worlds. Culture, I pride myself in knowing the difference between a peoples. This in turn can be used to create culture based conflicts, or peaceful negotiation. RP makes boring games come alive. Imagination triumphs over practicality every time. History - Yes, I do pride myself in history. Colonial, and Ancient histories specifically. Not so good on Middle Age history. Medicine - lol, I'm a medical student. Despite my obvious war-like tendencies like most MMO players, I have compassion IRL. Amazing... Programming - I don't program much anymore. College leaves no time for scripting. My modeling skills are limited to the Blender modeling program. I still know what a vertice is, and know how to bend them to my will to create whatever is on my mind. Furry - Converted four years ago. I blame TES III: Morrowind for it. Games played and enjoyed: Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion, Rome: Total War, Medieval: Total War, Medieval II: Total War, Empire: Total War, Fallout 3, Final Fantasy series, Dead Space.
Website: http://
Joined: Saturday, May 1, 2010 7:08pm

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