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About: my fursona is a anthro Kitsune (9 tailed fox spirits). my fur is all white except for the tips of my ears and tails. with some on my muzzle. At times I tend to space out because I end up wandering into wonderland, or daydreaming. when people ask me what im looking at I end up telling them, or getting startled and stop talking altogether. I have two personalities I guess, the shy me and the outspoken me. course my outspoken side is very dominate. I also like everyone, especially if they don't beat around the bush. when I was younger I was very quiet and detached from others, course my mom told me that I need to say hi more often but I just had trouble with it. Then I started reading books about knights and shinning armor and well... guess that's what made me want to be the person being saved instead of the savior. course I learned one thing, Those that have lead feet, iron bones, and a heart of gold. Are only a few steps from being the knight to save a princess. so I ended up stuck in between at times, but hay, Im not perfect, im just me, and its good to be me.
Interests: thinking out loud. gaming, going for walks in the rain, exploring, swords, drawing, listening to music, talking with freinds, laying in the sun, shoping, walking threw the mall, playing in the snow, playing piano, imagining a new world, swiming, designing
Joined: Wednesday, January 2, 2013 9:35pm

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