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Mr La Strada

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About: RL: My name is James and I am 19 years of age. I reside in Yeovil, in southern England (UK). I only joined the fandom about 3 years ago, although not very active 'till this year. Quick fact about Yeovil: It's where Westland Lynx helicopters are designed and built (check the link about them below). --- Fur: My name is Raytheon La-Strada (you can just call me Ray). I am an Animan (my RL creation) with a rich darkish green hair and tail fur, with a singular yellow (although delectably blonde) stripe through both. My body fur is of Human Caucasian skin colour, on which is very fine short hair of that of a closely shaven beard. --- Animan: Of humanoid build, with the legs having Metatarsals as well as the Femur and Fibula. Elongated ears like that of a Hare or similar creatures. A tail as long as the height of said Animan and as fluffy as a Wolf. A snout as long as half the height of the skull. And lastly a pair of wings, similar of that belonging to a Bat or a Dragon, of size of slightly shorter than said Animan's height yet with a wing-span of twice the height. --- Westland Lynx: --- Please Note is not operational yet.
Joined: Thursday, September 1, 2011 9:45am

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